Storage Benches and Boxes

These Storage Benches and Boxes are ideal for tiny homes with limited outdoor areas. It's a creative way of combining seat and storage at the same time. It's proven to be effective among space-challenged households and is a staple among manufacturers in the furniture industry. It provides space for shoes in an entryway, an additional seat in your living or dining room, or a seat and storage for a tight porch or patio. Fortunately, furniture designers who come up with innovative ideas for multi-functional furniture are abundant.

Designing with Storage Benches and Boxes

At the Entryway. A storage bench at the entryway is perfect as an extra space to store shoes or other essentials as the guests enter your home. It is also a an excellent spot to sit on while putting on boots, coats, and gloves on a cold day. Ideally, this would be a bench with an open shelf underneath for storage, add cushions for added comfort and style. 

At the Outdoor Seating Sectional.  Outdoor storage benches can offer additional space to store remotes, blankets, and magazines with limited garden space. It can either be a bench complete with a backrest and armrest with a liftable seat or drawers underneath or an open storage bench, which allows you to display a few valuables or some magazines and books for guests.

At the Outdoor Kitchen. Hide kitchen clutter while providing additional seating is a smart way to address space and utilization challenges. Use baskets or pretty boxes underneath to store cookbooks, small pots, and pans, and overspill dishes from kitchen cabinets.

At the Outdoor Powder Room. A simple wooden one with a lower shelf underneath can double as space for freshly washed towels, robes, and toiletries. Choose a versatile and charming outdoor bench so it can withstand moisture in your bathroom. 

At the Patio. Storage benches with drawers answer the lack of seats during parties and storage for outdoor toys, linens, outdoor cushions, and other seasonal items. Remember to measure your outdoor space, so you know the size of the storage bench you're going to buy. Choose durable materials, all-weather, rot-resistant, and above all, low maintenance.

For natural wood, Teak, Cedar, and Pine are usually top materials for the outdoors, along with synthetic lumber or HDPE poly sourced from recycled plastic. Accessorize with outdoor pillows of different sizes and textures, cushions, or runners, accompany it with a mirror when placed in a hallway or foyer to make it stand out. Layer it with another finely crafted bench or an amazing porch swing bench and bed for added dimension and height. Include some greens and blooms to complete that cozy vibe and some accent pieces cohesive to your indoor styling theme.