Storage Bench

With so many tiny apartments and tiny houses making its way through developments, many homeowners are looking for ways to utilize their spaces without having to sacrifice style. Fortunately, there are plenty of furniture designers who come up with innovative ideas for multi-functional furniture. One such idea that continues to be popular is the use of storage benches. It’s a seat and storage that shows no signs of being discontinued in use by many designers. It can provide a space for shoes in an entryway, an additional seat in your living or dining room or as a seat and storage for a tight porch or patio. While there are ottomans and stools that also provide the same benefits, the compact profile of a storage bench still wins over its counterparts.

Designing with Storage Benches

Entryway - Are benches that are designed to give your guests a good first impression upon entering your house. Instead of having an unsightly hallway or foyer filled with piles of shoes, an entryway bench can be used as extra space for your shoes or just a place to sit down on while you put on boots. Ideally, this would be a bench with the underneath open and with a base to put the shoes on. It could also be cushioned.

Living room - In small living rooms, storage benches can offer additional storage for items like remotes, blankets and magazines. This could either be a bench complete with a backrest and armrest with a liftable seat or drawers underneath or an open bench which allows you to display a few valuables or some magazines and books for guests. This coud double as a love seat when cushions and pillows are added.

Bedroom - A bench at the end of a bed can make a plain looking bed look more inviting. It could be a place to lay on your clothes for tomorrow, a place to read or put books and magazines. Similarly, a bench with a cubby like storage underneath can be used in children’s rooms as space for their toys, shoes or books. A chest like storage bench may be better if you need additional space for your linens when not in use. Choose a padded bench for comfort.

Kitchen - Hide away kitchen clutter while still keeping it close at hand. Use baskets or pretty boxes to place underneath as a place for cookbooks, small pots and pans and dishes that have no more place in your kitchen cabinets. A larger kitchen can make use of a storage bench placed near a window while you sip your morning coffee.

Bathroom - If you’ve been struggling with shaving your legs in your toilet, then it’s time you get a storage bench. A simple wooden one with a lower shelf underneath can double as a space for freshly washed towels, robes and toiletries. Choose a bench that’s meant for outdoors so it can withstand moisture in your bathroom.

Outdoors - The outdoors can be a messy area during summer with all the parties and fun summer activities going on. Storage benches are the answer to the lack of seats during parties as well as storage for outdoor toys, linens, outdoor cushions and other seasonal items. Just make sure to use a durable storage bench that can withstand all elements. Teak and cedar are usually top materials for the outdoors.

Remember to measure your space so you know the size of storage bench you’re going to get. Add in other elements like soft pillows or accompany it with a mirror when placed in a hallway or foyer to make it stand out.