Porch Swing Benches & Beds

Add fun and romance to your life. Our porch swing collection features benches of the highest quality and craftsmanship with simple designs and intricate layouts. Perfect for spending time with friends and family, or just relaxing by yourself.

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Porch Swing Bench

Once the snow has melted and spring has sprung and the summer season starts to roll in, it’s difficult to not imagine spending most of our days lounging outdoors and what better way to view the world and watch the day pass by than a porch swing. A porch swing invites you to take a seat, slow down with your life and watch the world go by slowly.

Take advantage of a view

When your house is conveniently located on a hill or the beach overlooking amazing views, you want to frame this by keeping your porch design minimal with the exception of adding a porch swing. If your house is located on higher ground, there’s more of a breeze and hanging a swing will let you enjoy a cool breeze that is just perfect for afternoon naps. Choose a swing bench with a place for refreshments such as a cup holder for a complete relaxing experience.

No roof? No problem

If your outdoor area does not have a roof, get a swing that has its own stand. For a romantic and mysterious effect for your garden or landscape, place a lone swing set in the middle of your landscape and quietly be one with Mother Nature.

Make it as comfortable as your own bed

If you can get a wider swing bench, that’s great but a synthetic wicker bench offers soft and cozy comfort as well. Fill it up with pillows or have a custom-made cushion for you to laze on. Don’t forget to use outdoor fabrics to make your swinging experience fuss-free.

Add a conversation piece in your porch

Sure an all-wood porch is timeless and classy. Teak, cedar and oak all look wonderful but if you want a fresh pop of color to break the neutral palette, a bright blue, red or yellow swing bench can break a neutral palette and create a conversation piece in your own porch.

Use a different material

If wood isn’t just working for your place and climate, you might want to opt for a plastic swing instead that's not only easy to clean but also resistant to termites, moist and mildew but still has that style and comfort you look for in a swing.

If you want to be reminded of a romantic English garden, an iron bench with intricate carvings will briefly transport you to the setting of Pride and Prejudice.

Double the swing, double the fun

If you have a smaller space, instead of getting a swing bench, get a swing chair instead. You can even add two or more of these to create balance, that is if you have a large outdoor area. similarly, you can hang two of these and put a small round table in-between for coffee or other refreshments while conversing with a friend or your partner.

Swinging in the heat of things

If your outdoor area tends to get a lot of sun or rain, get a swing set with a roof that gives you shade and allows you to take breaks from your gardening or lets you gently swing without getting wet while listening to the calming rain drops.

Blend in with your surroundings

If you have a lush garden or landscape surrounded by tall trees, blend in with the background by choosing natural finishes for your porch swing bench. Use a neutral palette and allow your surroundings to work for you while you sit back and gently swing away your worries.

Make your porch or patio sunset or sunrise ready by adding in a porch swing. You’ll never want to spend another minute of your life indoors when you’ve got a swing waiting for you outside except, maybe when it’s cold and you can’t wait for summer when you can watch the world on your porch swing bench again.