Swings & Stand Sets

Nothing is more comforting than being cradled by a swing, whether on the porch or out in the garden with a spectacular view. Swing stand sets allow you to move your favorite swing to another location in your outdoor area. Choose the best spot to set it up depending on the season.

Swing stands are made of premium wood or recycled plastic engineered for outdoor use. They are designed to sustain the type and size of your chosen swing. Most swing stands have a 500 lb. weight capacity to swing 2 or 3 adults safely. Ensure your swing stand is well maintained and all of its hardware support is well oiled to keep it in great shape.

The Lawn Swing With "A" Frame. Imagine the rustic beauty of this lawn swing with an A-frame gracing your yard, deck, or lawn. Swing away the tensions of your day while enjoying the comfort of rustic porch furniture pieces.

The Arbors. They are typically part of landscape design as an entrance to a different part of the garden. Think of it as a doorway, often arched, to a separate area. It's smaller than a pergola and may sometimes be attached to a fence. Some swings hang under an arbor and are used as a central feature of a garden. They are distinctly identifiable with only two posts and are mostly made of wood, metal, or vinyl.

The Outdoor Wooden Pergola. A stand that is timeless and elegant that will transform your garden into a stunning sanctuary. Handcrafted locally, made entirely of red cedar, this lovely pergola stand is perfect for any of the swing benches. Add weather-proof curtains into your pergola made from agora fabric, resistant to oil and mildew.

Add More Essentials. Cozy outdoor pillows for swings are must-haves. You can’t simply have enough. Buy enough for your swing and the rest of the seats on your porch. Play with colors and textures when choosing your pillow covers. All of them must be as good looking as you.

Hang Right Away. There is no point in containing the excitement of wanting to swing right away. Find a partner who can help you install the swing. Included in the delivery is a simplified instruction on how to assemble and hang your bench swing or swing bed. Ensure that you have the materials needed to install, then identify the perfect spot, set up the swing hangers, and hang the swing up.