Adirondack Chairs & Tables

We proudly present a wide selection of the legendary Adirondack Chairs & Tables. This low slung seat boasts of personality and sheer resilience, designed to accompany you in all of your outdoor adventures, no matter the terrain. Relax and sink into these comfortable chairs, pair it with a side table for your essentials while leisurely lounging, throw in some cushions, and buy the perfect seat for you!

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Comfy chairs for your outdoor spaces are a necessity when you want to enjoy nature, soak up some sun, watch wildlife, hang out by the pool, and all the other wonderful things the great outdoors give us. Adirondack chairs are among the most comfortable and affordable in outdoor furniture. The styles, designs, sizes, and materials used are virtually limitless. There is a perfect Adirondack chair for everyone.

Curves in All the Right Places

The design of these chairs looks great. They sit low to the ground and can usually be configured into many seating positions simply by using a latch system to move the back of the chair. Some aren’t customizable but are comfortable regardless. Instead of having sharp corners on the arms and the front of the seat, the chair curves down with one or two more slats, so it doesn’t dig into your leg. Most Adirondack chairs you find will have a ‘fan’ type back that is rounded out at the top. The seat will almost always be sloped backwards toward the ground to put you in a more relaxed position.

What Kind of Adirondack Chairs Are There?

The styles vary immensely. Some use larger slats than others, some seat just one person, other will seat two or even three people, and are made of different materials as well. You can find some cheaper, plastic Adirondack chairs that are sturdy despite the material used and look great with décor with more color in the mix.

Most Adirondack chairs, as with most outdoor furniture, will be made of wood and metal. Popular wood manufacturers use are several types of Cedar. That type of wood ages well and can be stained or coated with different types of sealant that opens up design and customization opportunities. Some chairs will come to you just as the raw wood, so you can paint it, stain it, and even add material to it if you so desire. (I hear it is easy to build a cup holder or a laptop tray on the side) But, if you aren’t into all that, and you want your chair to have everything already, well those exist, too.

What Designs Are Available?

The ‘original’ Adirondack chair seats one person and is as described above. It’s a simple design that is made to look great, but to be very affordable, as well. However, you have the option to look at two seaters, three seaters, or purchasing a set of chairs with a small table, plus add-on items for the chairs. You know the chairs that seat one. The chairs that seat two look more like a bench with high backs. You can find ones with just two seats side by side, possibly with a larger armrest in between, or you can find ones with a large tray in the middle. Those types of two-seater Adirondack chairs may have storage below the tray in the middle.


Don’t be afraid to see how you can upgrade even the most basic Adirondack chairs. There are seat and back cushions, and other features like drink holders. There are even some Adirondack ottomans that go great with chair styles that fit more than one person.