Wood Pergolas & Swings

Pergolas are an astounding way to decorate your yard. Traditionally paired together with hanging gardens in France, Italy, and Egypt, our majestic pergolas make wonderful shade structures and provide more than enough support to hang porch swings and swing beds.

Whether you’d like to add a roofed area in your landscape, a functional centerpiece to your outdoor area or an extra space for entertaining your guests, a pergola is a stylish solution to all those needs. If you’re planning to buy a pergola for your garden but overwhelmed with so many choices, here are some factors to consider:

Tell me what your plants are and I’ll tell you who you are:

A lot can be said about your style with the choices you make even if your landscape is still barren and you’re just beginning to fill it with plants. List down the answers to the following questions:

When you can answer all these questions, you’ll begin to have an idea of the type of pergola style you’ll get for your landscape. For example, if you want something to match your clean landscape, you’ll want something with straight and clean lines. If you want a pergola to match your country style exterior, you can go for pergolas in natural wood finishes.

If you’re starting from scratch and already bought a pergola, you can match your landscape and patio to have a consistent theme.

What’s your purpose for getting a pergola?

Another way of determining what kind of pergola you need is considering the function of your pergola. Some people want to create a personal and private haven where they can read a book or quietly immerse themselves in nature.

Other people envision a lot of backyard parties and entertainment happening during summer while some dream of having a centerpiece in their garden where vines creep along the frames and trellis of the pergola.

Once you find out the exact purpose of why you want to put a pergola in your landscape, you now have an idea of what size you need. If you’re planning to use it as part of your landscape design, a small pergola will do. If you tend to have a lot of parties, obviously you’ll need a bigger pergola that can fit in some dining tables and chairs. You’ll also need a roof over your head for unplanned rain showers or hot, sunny days so you might want to consider choosing a pergola with closely-spaced purlins or a lattice roof for protection. f you’re going to use it for family fun or stargazing at night, you’ll want to choose a more open-style pergola.  

Figuring out the function of your pergola will also let you plan ahead if your outdoor area can accommodate the size of the pergola you want. Don’t forget to take into consideration the elements around your space. You don’t want an oversized pergola accompanying a tiny pool. Make the look of your outdoor space cohesive and choose an appropriately-sized pergola.

Pergola add-ons

Now that you’ve decided on your pergola style, you might want to consider putting in additional decors to make it creative and more inviting. Adding curtains will not only protect you from insects but the billowing effect will make it seem more elegant. Always wanted a swing bench or bed but don’t have a space to hang it? A pergola can be used to support a swing bench or bed. Add in some string lights and mimic the effect of fireflies to make it even more romantic.

Determine your style, know your purpose, measure your space and consider your requirements. These are the shortcuts to determining the right pergola for you. In the midst of all these, don’t forget to check quality because you want to buy a pergola that will last all throughout your years of outdoor enjoyment.