Outdoor Pergolas

Designing a stylish and cozy outdoor retreat in your home is challenging, mainly when there are no trees to shade your patio furniture from the scorching summer sun. A perfect remedy is to add a functional facade to act as roofing to protect your garden with a seating section, or a landscape centerpiece, or a space for entertaining guests. 

Install Outdoor Wooden Pergola to address all those concerns. If you're starting from scratch decided to do a DIY pergola, there are several options you can explore online. However, the easiest route to pursue is buying one of our Pergolas with variations in designs, color, and structure to match your landscape and patio furniture pieces.

What's Your Pergola Plan? To help you determine the perfect pergola for your backyard, start by considering its function. Some people want to create a personal and private haven to read a book or quietly enjoy nature. Others wish to host backyard parties and entertain during the summer. While some desire of a garden centerpiece where lovely vines climb through the Pergola's frames and trellis.

Pergola Size Matters. Once you've resolved the utilization of this gorgeous outdoor structure in your landscape, start working on its size. If you're planning to use it as an archway of your landscape structure, a two-post pergola is suitable. Suppose you love hosting parties and do it frequently. In that case, you'll need a large-sized Pergola with a cover or roofing, whether a semi-permanent or permanent structure, to protect your guests from unexpected rain showers or hot, sunny days. It must also be spacious enough to accommodate outdoor dining tables and chairs and additional provision for light fixtures and entertainment.

Pergola Designs. You might want to consider choosing a pergola with a lattice roof for shade or closely spaced purlins for protection. If you're going to use it for family fun or stargazing at night, you'll want to choose an open-styled pergola. Figuring out your ideas, concept, and function will provide a clearer picture of whether your outdoor area can accommodate the size of the Pergola you want. Don't forget to take into consideration the elements around your space. You don't want a large pergola accompanying a tiny pool. Make the look of your outdoor space cohesive, and choose an appropriately sized pergola to match the other design elements.

Pergola Add-ons. Throw in accents and accessories to make it visually trendy, cozy, and charming. Adding curtains will protect you from insects, but the billowing effect will make it seem more elegant while providing privacy. A pergola can support a swing bench or bed. Add a few light fixtures to illuminate the beautiful space you've created.