Outdoor Daybeds

A daybed is a wonderful piece of furniture for people of all ages. Young ones love to use them as their main bed, adults use them as their quiet reading nook when the kids are at school, and they can make some great guest beds that are stylish, comfortable, and practical for any guests.

Why a Daybed?

Daybeds are different from a normal bed because they are more like a half of a bed with a backing on them. There are many shapes and sizes, but the design is ultimately the same throughout all the different options you’ll find. A daybed was made originally to be a comfortable spot to take a nap on during the day, or to lounge about while reading. Over time, daybeds have become more popular because people are finding many more uses for them. A big feature a daybed has is that it doesn’t take up as much space as a normal bed does. It would be kind of weird to put a large, normal bed under the window of your study or office so that you could relax and read.

Smaller daybeds are usually meant for only one person. However, rules are meant to be broken, and you can easily find ones that are a bit larger to comfortably accommodate two people. A normal sized daybed can fit two kids on it comfortably for dedicated story time every day. Most of the designs that you’ll see fit a twin sized mattress with a few pillows.

Indoor daybeds are perfect for the home, poolside, backyard and even the porch. Wherever you want a place to get comfortable and relax is where you want your daybed. They aren’t just beautiful and convenient; they are also practical. They take up less space, and more comfortable than most outdoor seating for a nap or lounging.

Styles and Designs

Daybeds can be found in virtually every style imaginable and can be made of many types of materials. A daybed is usually a metal or wooden design with a comfortable ‘mattress’ or large outdoor cushion. Some have backs on them, and some don’t, which are more like chaise loungers, but are made differently.

The best part about having a daybed is that most can be used both inside and out. Want a daybed that swings? Everyone does. Well, you can have that. Want a daybed that curves to your body and has a nice, thick mattress on it that makes it more comfortable than your actual bed? Of course.

Different manufacturers make their beds all different, so it is super easy to find one that is unique for your decor style. A daybed is mostly customizable as well. You can purchase all kinds of cushions and pillows to make it even better. Also, outdoor cushions are available in different styles, depths and sizes as well.