Garden Arbors & Trellises

Are you beginning to prepare for the summer relaxation in your outdoor area? Experience magnificent transformation using Garden Arbors and Trellises to an open flat surface. With these beautiful garden structures and a combination of patio furniture, you can create an outdoor sanctuary worth highlighting and sharing with loved ones. Not only are they fabulous, but they are practical, too. 

Garden Arbors. It's a large wooden structure with two sides and a top. Most of the designs you'll find will be built with lattice-style sides and horizontal planks on top. Arbors take multiple roles in their function, from being an entrance marker to one or more sections in your outdoor area, a romantic decorative accent, or backdrop to events such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays. It also plays an integral part in your landscape design, providing height and cradle gorgeous flowering or fruit vines.

Millions have gotten married under a lovely arbor or more popularly known as wedding arch, each year. The most beautiful flower and plant arrangements are mixed with lighting fixtures and some fabrics to complete the romantic look. At the same time, the couple proclaims their everlasting love. It's picture-perfect each time, like creating a scene out of a rom-com movie.

An arbor creates an enchanting set that provides plants with a base structure so they can grow upright. You can find them made of many types of wood sturdy enough for outdoor use. These are moisture and insect-resistant, like teak, cedar, and pine. When there's no wedding happening under the arch, a glider bench or a porch swing beneath an arbor is breathtaking visually and, at the same time, completely exhilarating.

Trellis. It is a structure made of horizontal and vertical pieces of wood that make a lattice shape. The overlapping square, diamond, or other shapes depending on the design, produce holes that allow plants to climb and intertwine with the wood, further growing upwards to the top of the structure. Several trellises are made of metal that equally provide the charm, elegance, and creative splendor of sleek modern designs. 

Any vining plant needs a trellis, but many gardeners use frames to hold up taller plants. They protect plants from harsh rains and winds, but they also look spectacular in the garden or anywhere. 

Like the arbor, most are made with natural wood that can withstand harsh outdoor elements. A bare trellis is a standalone lattice design or attached to another sturdy structure to support plants' growth. But you can also find some fantastic planter boxes that will have a trellis attached on one side to cradle plants of your choice. Some trellis structures are shaped like arches, obelisks or tripods where plants are cocooned at the core, flat against a wall, and some are fences that form like a divider or a privacy screen. 

Best of Both Worlds. If you want to maximize the utilization of arbors and trellises, invest in large structures and look at some incredible pieces that blend arbors and trellis into one stunning garden installation. It includes a beautiful porch swing or a daybed that floats like a cloud for two people to sway within the serene landscape. Visualize a huge pergola-like arbor with planters at the bottom and trellises at the sides. 

These backyard structures are perfect for relaxation, reading, or hosting a family gathering. You can find them made of natural wood or metal or a combination of both to ensure longevity and must be outdoor-ready as you start combining with your patio furniture. Some use logs with live edge boards generating a rustic appeal. Several options can be explored for your garden, making it easy to create a delightful solace outdoors.