Garden Arbors & Trellises

Shop our stunning collection of Garden Arbors & Trellises that will add fun and functional, structural dimension to a landscape. It will liven a flat surface and transform it into an enchanting arch & cozy spot for the whole family. It is a gorgeous and sturdy structure to hang an outdoor swing or install a garden bench.

Looking to spruce up the garden, the backyard, or your happy place? An arbor, planters, and trellises can really give any place a more serene feel. Not just because they look amazing anywhere, but because they are also practical. An arbor and a trellis with planter boxes can pay for themselves if you want them to. Now, that’s a great deal.


An Arbor is basically a large wooden structure with two sides and a top. Most of the designs you’ll find will be built with lattice style sides and horizontal planks on the top. Arbors can be used for so many things, like hanging vining plants like tomatoes in the garden, and using them to signify the beginning of an area. They are like a gate, of sorts. Millions of people get married under a beautiful arbor each year, with the prettiest flowers and plants surrounding them while they proclaim their everlasting love. An arbor creates a scene of beauty and elegance that provides plants with the base on which to grow towards the sun.

You can find arbors made of many types of wood, but they are mostly made of outdoor woods that are moisture and insect resistant like teak, cedar, and pine.


A trellis is a structure made up of horizontal and vertical pieces of wood that makes a lattice shape. The square holes that it creates with the design gives plants an opportunity to climb up the wood towards the sun. Any vining plant needs a trellis, but many gardeners use trellises to help hold up taller plants as well. They provide protection from harsh rains and winds, but they also look spectacular in the garden or anywhere, really.

Just like an arbor, you can find that these are made with different kinds of outdoor wood that will hold up to the outside environment for many years. A basic trellis is simply going to be a lattice design that can be put into the ground or attached to another structure so that plants can use them. But you can also find some amazing planter boxes that will have a trellis attached to the back of it, so that you can grow any kind of plant you desire. For a gardener, it makes things so much easier. With trellises with planter boxes, no one has to decide on what seeds they need to go without for the season because of the lack of proper structures to support the growth.

Best of Both Worlds

If you are looking for a way to maximize the utilization of arbors and trellises, then you must consider going big and looking at some amazing pieces that put everything together, but that also includes a beautiful swing for two people to sway within the serenity directly. These pieces are larger structures that have a large pergola-like arbor with planter boxes at the bottom and trellises creeping up the sides. A comfortable swing is chained from the top so that you can live in the beauty you created. These structures are perfect for relaxation, reading, or simply putting in the backyard or garden. You can find them made of cedar and other woods, and you can find them made from logs or even live edge boards. The options are endless, and that makes it so easy to create your happy place anywhere you like.