Outdoor Tables

Great selection of outdoor tables for your patio and backyard. These high quality tables are great for dining and enjoying summer!

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An outdoor table is a necessity for anyone who has the room to enjoy it in their yard or porch. A backyard just isn’t complete without one. All the uses during summer time is what makes an outdoor table worth every penny.

What Kind of Outdoor Table Do You Need?

That is the first question you must ask yourself in your search for the perfect table for your backyard. Determine the style of your decor and where you are going to put the table. There are tables of all sizes, shapes, and styles, so whatever your application, there is an amazing table for you. You certainly won’t have to settle for something you don’t love. Don’t let the options overwhelm you, though. If you can determine the style, location, and purpose, you’ll have an easy shopping experience.

Table Styles

Most tables you will find will be made of an outdoor wood like teak, cedar, or pine. But there are also some really elegant metal tables with glass tops that look incredible in the garden, the porch, or in an entryway either indoors or outdoors.  These types of tables come in many styles that are both larger and smaller.

If you are going to use it to hold up a large planter, you need to get something that is able to handle a larger amount of weight over time. A table with a circular base that is fixed at the center of the tabletop is ideal for these situations. That way, the weight can be put directly onto the support, as opposed to using a table with four legs on each corner with the weight distributed in the center.

You can find tables with different color schemes, grain patterns, and details like rounded corners and the use of lighter and darker woods that create a unique style. Matching your style with a table that allows you to fully enjoy all the wonderful weather outside.

Table Design

Tables come in all shapes and sizes, which is great so they can be used for many applications. For people who love to entertain guests, there are some seriously large tables available that can comfortably fit many people to enjoy that delicious backyard grill food. All you need is some chairs and an outdoor dinnerware set, and you’ll have the perfect outdoor BBQ.

Designs include mini-bar tables, safari bar tables, side tables, coffee tables, folding tables, both short and tall tables, and so much more. There are also tables with storage underneath for easy access to all your favorite outdoor items.


Smaller tables can be used to accompany the outdoor furniture you already have in your yard. An Adirondack chair is great, but one with a nice side table is even better. That way, you can put some beach towels, sunscreen, and other items at the ready, poolside. Plus, they give you a way to safely store electronics like phones, tablets, and computers, and other items that don’t like getting wet like books. A side table holds drinks and food better than anything else.

Do you have a mini bar in the backyard? If you don’t, you can have one with just one table. If you do, you can complement the mini bar with one or more chiller tables that have an ice box cooler built directly into the center of the tabletop. There’s nothing like your favorite cold drink in the summertime, and these tables can keep your drinks super cold for hours.