Recycled Plastic Poly Porch Swings

At The Charming Bench Company, we have an array of Porch Swings endeared to its buyers based on comfort, durability, and beauty. Porch swings use several types of material, such as Natural Wood, Synthetic or Plastic (Poly), Metal, Wicker, and Fabric. Two of the more popular options are Natural Wood and Recycled Plastic Poly.

Faux lumber referred to as recycled plastic poly, a synthetic material with low maintenance requirements. It looks like wood, but it's not. It gives you the aesthetic wood appearance without having to worry about its maintenance. All you need is soap and water for cleaning.

This material is eco-friendly sourced from recyclable plastic from consumer products like milk jugs. Poly lumber is designed with smoother edges to prevent accidental nicks and scratches. Safe for your kids. It's resistant to many outdoor elements like moisture, insects, warping, fading, and splinting that can sometimes occur with wood. It also doesn't require waterproofing.

Environmentalists are particularly happy with recycled plastic, created from old plastic milk and juice jugs. If you prefer to protect the trees and reduce the mountains of used plastic, then recycled plastic porch swings are for you. 

Choose the ideal size for you and the whole family. Measure your outdoor space to visualize the layout with the swing in mind along with the other outdoor furniture you have or you want to buy. Plan your budget, style, and color. There is no need to be overwhelmed when you have a clear outline of your outdoor area's design.

Hanging is easy with this helpful guide. Whether you choose to hang it on your porch or yard with a stand. Complete your outdoor living room with a versatile and enduring porch swing, skillfully crafted to be smooth and relaxing.