Picnic Tables and Benches

Do you love hosting outdoor picnics? We do! These Picnic Table and Benches are essential pieces of outdoor furniture so that families and friends can relax out in the yard or other outdoor areas to share a meal and refreshments, play games, and enjoy a much-needed catching-up. 


Picnic Tables are an essential piece of outdoor furniture. Families and friends can relax in the yard or other outdoor areas, have a meal, play games, or have some drinks. These tables aren't exclusively for picnics. The seats are almost always built right into the table itself, making it quite convenient to move around. They come in all shapes and sizes and materials to get the perfect picnic table at a very affordable price.

Styles of Picnic Tables. Most picnic tables are going to be very similar. Two benches run parallel with a rectangular table. The simple ones have flat wooden boards for benches and the table without any added feature. The evolution of picnic tables has given us fantastic variation in style and design. Some offer curved picnic table benches for better comfort, especially when sitting for long periods. Some fold so that they can be stowed away in a shed or garage when not in use. Picnic table designers have further utilized the middle part of the table to insert a few picnic essentials, like boxes that hold plants like fresh herbs and spices. These boxes are being used to store ice for drinks and to cradle larger food plates for everyone to pass around.

Rectangular Picnic Tables are the best when it comes to entertaining large groups of people where guests can eat or chat, or play games without elbowing each other. Square Picnic Tables are more intimate and usually seats four people. It can be used for romantic outdoor dinners for two or small-sized families. Round Picnic Tables, cater to smaller groups. The advantage of square tables is that it takes up less space. Umbrella Tables, some picnic tables come with a hole on the surface for umbrellas. It is a feature worth considering if you plan on using it for summer parties where it can provide shade to make your guests more comfortable. Kids Picnic Tables make all your guests happy. Consider a kid-sized picnic table for your guests' children. These are shorter and smaller, making it comfortable for them to climb and sit on.

Varied Sizes. Picnic Tables aren't just one size, thankfully. Remember thanksgiving when you were young? There was probably a 'kid's table' for the younger ones to eat comfortably on a table that suits their smaller frame and size. For the grownups, the regular backyard picnic table will seat 4-6 people comfortably. For larger tables, you can also scoot additional chairs at both ends. If you need even more room, you can find some huge picnic tables that'll seat eight or more. Although most manufacturers don't make beyond the 8-seater, so you could buy two or more picnic tables if you need to seat more people.

Wooden Picnic Tables. Wood usually goes with anything, so this will match existing outdoor furniture. Yellow pine, western red cedar, and teak are just some of the materials you can choose from if you are bent on getting a wooden picnic table. Keep in mind that wooden picnic tables require maintenance like sanding, sealing, and oiling if you want to maintain the wood's natural finish. Putting on a table cloth during parties can help minimize stains and spills on the wood's surface. Protect it further by using an impressive and durable patio umbrella, vibrant in colors and function.