Paint and Stains

Patio furniture survives very harsh winter weather and extreme heat during the summer pretty, but after several years, the paint cracks, the colors fade, and it calls for change rather loudly. If you are ready to give your wooden patio furniture a facelift in time for the summer, learn the best Paints & Stains to use on outdoor patio furniture, and the crucial steps required to get that paint to perform at its best.

If you ask any professional painters the secret to a successful paint job project, the answer is preparation. Spend extra time to prepare at the beginning of a painting task is the key to a long-lasting finish. The first step is choosing the perfect paint for your wooden outdoor patio furniture. Assess the material your painting then start due diligence in researching what kind of paint, brand, color, and size you should buy.

The stroke and finish you achieve will vary based on what type of applicator you use. A brush will give you broad coverage but might show strokes more easily, primarily with water-based paint. A roller offers less control, but even coverage. Application with a cloth or sponge is best for a unique, textured finish. Don't forget to gather the supplies needed to do the painting project. Wear protective clothing when you begin your paint project.