Outdoor Coffee Tables

An Outdoor Coffee Table, like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, adds an incredible amount of energy into space. It's the classic pick me up that you need whenever a glassy cloud of uncertainty hits you. A Coffee Table does the same for a seating arrangement. It adds excitement to an otherwise predictable sectional. Infuses beauty and visuals to the whole set-up, and adds dimension to a flat surface.

A multi-dimensional and design perspective must be considered when choosing a coffee table that best fits the available space. A standard outdoor coffee table should not be longer than two/thirds of the length of the sofa. Ensure that you have at least two feet of space in between the other seating to serve as walking space. A large sectional sofa will need a large square or round coffee table to provide ample surface space for the ones seated on the sofa. Easier to move around with these types of shapes. It will balance and fill the center perfectly, scale-wise.

The height of the coffee table centerpiece must also be taken into consideration. It should be aligned with the cushions of your sofa and other seating to ensure it is comfortable and aesthetically balanced. A few inches shorter will also work.

The Charming Bench Company has fantastic options you can explore if you are looking for the perfect Outdoor Coffee Table to fill a few gaps that your exterior room has presented you with. With natural wood, it as warm and celebratory as coffee. With synthetic wood, it'll be the most durable and worry-free. The next best thing is to pick a table that will transform your patio into an exciting area where you can entertain, lounge, and laugh with loved ones.