Patio Umbrellas

Stand out while dining outdoors with our bright and all-weather Patio Umbrellas manufactured from the leading providers' outdoor-ready and fade-resistant fabrics. It is the only shade you will need while lounging by the pool, relaxing in the garden, and dining in the backyard.

We are pleased to offer stylish and reliable Patio Umbrellas that are handcrafted fitted with solid brass hardware covered with an all-weather, fade-resistant, and high-grade fabric. It fits perfectly for those dining tables with two-inch holes or bar counters. Patio Umbrellas are essential to any outdoor living space as they provide much-needed shade when the sun is up and glaring. While any umbrella will offer some shelter, not all of them can provide the optimal levels of protection that you need for your outdoor activities.

For a sunshade to provide an effective, long-lasting barrier against UV rays and water, it needs to be made of a robust fabric adequately treated for the purpose. The fabrics most often employed in the manufacture of umbrellas include acrylic, polyester, and olefin. All provide excellent waterproofing and sun protection.

Outdoor patio umbrellas are used in front yards, back yards, poolside, and in the middle of the picnic table as an outdoor table umbrella. Before purchasing, consider the size, style, and the essential features. Size is a critical aspect of choosing an outside umbrella. If the patio umbrella is too small, you will not receive the amount of shade you desire. When lounging by the pool, you need a large one to cover your whole size. However, if the umbrella is too large, then you may have issues with the surrounding area like tree branches. They come in a variety of sizes to ensure it is the perfect patio umbrella for you! 

Outdoor patio umbrellas sometimes include unique features beneficial when the sun moves throughout the day or when you want to move your patio furniture. It also offers its users added functional benefits apart from the aesthetic appeal it provides. It can protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, provide privacy, all-weather and all-year-round usage, shield devices from direct heat, and prevent it from getting too hot. Large umbrellas installed strategically throughout your outdoor spaces add dimension with the added height, and vibrance with the splash of colors coming from the fabric.