Outdoor Dining Tables and Chairs

View our top quality Outdoor Dining Tables and Chairs to help you entertain and host the most delightful al fresco meals for family and friends during the summer. These are finely crafted pieces customized for outdoor use, handbuilt by the best artisans in America. Maximize comfort during outdoor gatherings by adding seat cushions and soften the glare of the sun by using a patio umbrella

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If you love entertaining guests, friends, and family, you’ll want to have an outdoor dining set for backyard events and activities. For people who have a lot of family and friends, having several tables and chairs for both kids and adults is necessary. Luckily, there are plenty of options for anyone needing everything from just a simple table and two chairs to larger sets that seat four people or more.

Style and Design

Most outdoor dining sets are made of wood and metal. You can certainly find some cheaper plastic ones, but you’ll need to keep in mind that they’ll only last for one or two seasons, and that is if the weather or rowdy kids don’t destroy them first. It’s always going to be a better choice to purchase an outdoor dining set that is built to survive outdoors for years like the products on the Charming Bench Company. Most of the sets you’ll find will be made of a wood that is naturally resistant to moisture and insects, like teak and cedar. Some sets utilize both metal and wood in all the right places to maximize comfort, durability, and visual appeal.

The style sets of all the different products are virtually endless. A lot of the outdoor sets you’ll find are going to be pretty straightforward in their design and style. High end patio sets will include more details that will improve the quality, like having curved seating and backs on the chairs. The tables can also have different woodworking designs that improve the visual appeal considerably. The manufacturer may use light and dark woods to contrast the colors, include round legs that were cut on a lathe to create separate designs, and more.

Options for Patio Sets

There is an abundance of simple tables and chairs made of both wood and metal and a combination of both out there. But, if you want something more, there are many options to choose from. An outdoor dining set can be one piece, or it can be a combination of many. What makes the search for the perfect outdoor dining set so exciting is that most of what you see can be bought separately. You can find the perfect chairs to go along with the perfect table, regardless of what each look like.

If you want to take a simpler route, buying a larger one-piece outdoor dining set is easy. These include picnic tables in their traditional rectangle form, or round tables with attached benches. Square picnic tables that still seat four people but take up less space than traditional and round styles.

For the Kids

Having a kids table for when you have your huge family come over for the holidays is crucial. Aside from your main outdoor dining set, you can opt for a smaller set that seats toddlers to preteens. These sets come in a variety of styles and designs that are similar to full-sized sets. However, there are sets for the kids that come painted in fun, bright colors they are used to. Using a bright paint makes the experience fun for the child, which keeps them at the table, and any parent knows that’s a great thing. Most are made of the same materials as full-sized sets.

Kids grow out of everything, so it is important to get things that’ll last long enough and still be functional and looking good so that it has some resale value long after it has served its purpose to you. These sets are made to do exactly that.