Outdoor Dining Sets with Benches

Enjoy outdoor living with our premium dining tables and benches, a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends over the weekend or during the holidays. The Charming Bench Company offers several tables and seating options to meet the demands of your outdoor living. Make sure to check out our full collection of outdoor tablespicnic tables, and dining sets with chairs.

Dining Bench Sets

There’s always something pleasing with long and narrow picnic tables that invite you to sit and be merry and lazy with your loved ones. This is why picnic tables aren’t limited to parks anymore. Homeowners can have their own picnics at their very own backyard or patio. With so many choices available and picnic tables coming in sets, it’s easier for people to choose their own style of dining bench sets for their backyard.

Indoor/Outdoor use

The versatility of a picnic table makes it possible for use in both the indoors and outdoors. It’s especially ideal for an indoor setup if you have a rustic or barnyard theme inside your house. It can even be used for formal dinners provided that it’s paired with elegant upholstered chairs or laid with a formal table setup. Wooden picnic tables like those made of western red cedar or teak make it easy to match different interior design styles.

Outdoors, you can be more loose and laid back with a dining bench set with a few twigs and branches or fresh plants and flowers from your own garden.

The beauty of a high quality picnic table is that it’s made for outdoors so it can withstand the toughest elements. The stylish materials complement those qualities making it ideal even for the indoors.


Picnic tables traditionally come in long and narrow shapes accompanied by a simple bench. It used to be very linear and simple. Now, picnic tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes made to suit the different styles and tastes of people. There are now round picnic tables that allow for an intimate conversation between people. There are also dining bench sets where benches have backrests and armrests to help make lounging more comfortable.

Other dining bench sets mimic the usual indoor dining table using a mixture of benches and chairs and sets where the bench is detached from the table so it can be moved around. There are also picnic table sets that come with a pre-drilled table top to insert an umbrella.

More than the style itself, the materials used contribute to the different styles of dining bench sets as well. Gone are the days when painted plywood was the most used material for picnic tables. There are now more beautiful picnic tables where beautiful craftsmanship was made possible because of the hardwoods used. Yellow pine, cedar, western red cedar and teak picnic sets are all available in a number of finishes, natural or oiled that will fit any setting.


If you love to hold backyard parties, you’ll want to consider the capacity of the dining bench set you plan on getting. Most picnic tables can fit 4-8 people comfortable. Tables and benches can be put side by side to make it longer. Round or bistro type picnic tables may seat fewer people. Evaluating how many people are going to come over for a party may help you determine the number and size of picnic table sets needed.

That said, having a few different seating options may help your guest feel more comfortable.