Entryway Benches

Stun your friends and family with one of our elegant entryway benches. Great for embellishing living rooms, bedrooms, and recreation rooms, entryway benches are practical and create an inviting atmosphere in any home.

Unlike in sports, benches are always a winner for any design and it’s such a versatile piece that easily provides functionality and style to any room. Added to an entryway or a foyer, it’s the perfect seat for putting on boots or setting down a heavy bag while you’re getting your coat. Listed below are several ways you can decorate with an entryway bench.

A place to sit on while putting on shoes

An entryway bench should be that perfect addition to your foyer whenever you’re putting on shoes. Adding an entryway bench could also get rid of the clutter caused by too many shoes. The underneath of the bench could serve as an extra shoe storage which you can easily access and put on when you need to go out. A neutral and natural woven textured bench will lend some visual interest to a neutral room. Add in a colorful kilim rug which will complement your bench.

At the end of your bed for football nights

Remember those days where you just couldn’t calmly lie down on your bed because your favorite team is winning? A leather upholstered bench with extra storage underneath for your books and magazines should keep you closer to your favorite star athlete while you cheer them on TV.

For your bathroom linens

A  water-resistant wooden bench such as those made of teak will certainly add character to your all white bathroom. Use it store your white bath towels and linens or just a place to sit on while you’re shaving or letting your deep conditioner work its magic. Tip: use rattan woven baskets to pair with your wooden bench for a rustic look in your toilet. Need a sleeker bench for a contemporary all modern bathroom, choose a leather bench instead.

For extra seating when there’s no sofa

If you live in a small apartment or just need an extra seat for guests, a bench with a backrest and armrest can play up the part of a sofa. Add in some cushions or get an upholstered bench and pile up the pillows for the ultimate comfort. Place it beside your window for a make-shift window seat.

Likewise, a bench with an interesting design can be used in place of an accent chair. A wooden bench with a spindle backrest will look great in any living room theme.

As a low coffee or center table

Yes, that same bench that’s made for seating can be used as a table for your living room. It can hold books, magazines and small accessories or decorations like planters or succulents. You can also use a bench to divide an open space plan by placing it behind a sofa. It divides a space without shrinking it, letting you keep the visual elements of an open floor plan.

As a cozy dining seat for two or more

With or without a backrest, a bench for a dining table can give you, your family and friends the ultimate bonding experience. A bench is so versatile that there are probably many more options to use it in your house. Have a seat, think about it all and maybe include a bench in your next furniture purchase.