Outdoor Living Trends for Summer

Outdoor Living Trends for Summer

The snow is gone, and the sun is shining, which means it's the perfect time to start thinking about how you will upgrade your outdoor living space for summer. Homeowners spend billions of dollars each year, making their backyards or gardens an extension of their homes with new buyers caring more about the outdoor space they have than indoor space.

If you are looking to start living in luxury in your backyard, consider these trends for modern outdoor living this year.

Combination Deck and Patio Space

You might think that you have to choose between having a deck or a patio, but you can easily incorporate both ideas into one space. One of the hottest trends is to have a patio and deck space that also combines your porch!

You can create this stunning look by doing a second-floor deck and having a beautiful, full patio underneath. Many homeowners even have exterior staircases so that guests can easily travel between the second floor of the party and the patio without ever having to go through the house.

If a second-floor deck isn't for you, you can still create a fantastic raised deck and patio combination on your home's ground level.

Incorporating Stone

Solid woods were all the rage for trendy backyards until just the last few years when the stone has come at par with luxury. Patios made of stone are gorgeous and easy to clean. It is also easy to maintain because it doesn't need re-stained or resealed every few years.

Many professional landscapers use it in columns, seating andĀ benches, and outdoor accessories like fireplaces and flooring. Stone fireplaces are a great outdoor accessory that is both safe and beautiful.

Outdoor Kitchens

Everyone has a grill, but if you want to show your guests how serious you are about your outdoor entertaining in luxury, you should consider having a full, outdoor kitchen complete with cooktops, sinks, outdoor pantries, andĀ even lighting. Entertaining will never be as easy as when the chef or grill master has a well-designed space to prepare food while also getting to be part of the party. You may need permits and professional electricians and plumbers toĀ complete an outdoor kitchen.

Entertain from Multiple Levels

Remember when we talked about combining your deck and patio space with a deck on the second floor? Multilevel areas are one of the trendiest design aspects for outdoor living in 2019. Raised decks and sunken patios,Ā arbors on platforms, and wide stairs that connect the spaces create a dynamic look to your backyard that is visually interesting and appealing.

Creating multiple levels to your entertaining backyard space is one of the most luxurious styles for high-end homes and can significantly increase your home value.

Found Materials and Antiques

Do you love flea markets or antique shops? Found objects are the newest trend to take overĀ outdoor living spaces. You can bring rustic style outdoors using old wagon wheels, whiskey barrels, old signs, and memorabilia. Even driftwood can help create a personalized space that will leave guests in awe of your remarkable design talent.

You may be designing your outdoor space for the first time or refreshing your yard for a brand-new look and ambiance. Our design tips will help you to choose the perfect aesthetic for your backyard so that you can entertain your guests with confidence.

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