Creating an Outdoor Kitchen for Entertaining

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Creating an Outdoor Kitchen for Entertaining

Entertaining outdoors when the sun is shining and the summer breeze is softly blowing through your backyard is some of the best times you can have with your family and friends. What usually happens, however, is that everyone is outside, one person is at the grill, and you're stuck inside the kitchen not getting to be part of the fun.

You can remedy this situation by creating an outdoor kitchen for entertaining that allows everyone to be together while entertaining and cooking. Check out our tips for designing the perfect outdoor kitchen.

Cooking Outdoors

There are several options you have for cooking outdoors.

  • Gas or Charcoal Grill
  • Firepit designed for cooking
  • Outdoor electric ovens
  • Brick Ovens
  • Smoker
  • Clay Ovens

When deciding which type of outdoor oven, you will think about functionality and frequency of use. Does your family do a lot of homemade pizza? A brick oven may be perfect for you. Does your family love to BBQ and eat a lot of meat? A grill and smoker will be great on your patio! Do you live somewhere that you can cook outdoors all year round? Having outdoor electric heaters installed on your patio may be the best choice for you.


Dry Storage

It would be best if you had a dry storage place such as a small shed or wood cabinet where you can store your cooking utensils as well as charcoal, dry ingredients, paper products, and cutlery. You can save yourself multiple trips back and forth into the house if you create an outdoor storage area.

Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar is stylish, functional, and can be for more than alcohol. You can run plumbing to an outdoor bar, install a sink, or have mini-fridges under the bar top to keep beverages cold outside.

You will also love outdoor refrigeration because you can keep salads, desserts, and sauces chilled instead of setting them out and getting warm. If you have an outdoor garage for entertaining, you can easily install full-size refrigerators and make the garage's corner your bar area. Outdoor bars can be set up on a deck or patio as well.

**Pro-tip: Having sinks outdoors means that you don't have to carry dirty dishes or utensils inside your clean indoor kitchen. You can do all the cleanup outside.

Outdoor Lighting

You can light your backyard with lanterns and string lights to lamp posts with electrical lights installed. Decorative ones, such as hanging lamps, always makes a garden look romantic and whimsical.

Some people have patio fans and overhead or track lighting installed in their bars or over cooktops. You want to make sure your backyard is well lit at night if you are doing evening entertainment, especially if the swimming pool is in use.

Outdoor Furniture

If you are entertaining outdoors, you need furniture for people to sit on and dine. There is a nearly endless assortment of different patio furniture available for an outdoor kitchen, but the most important will be tables and chairs or a table with benches. They come in different shapes and sizes, so consider how many people you usually entertain when shopping for a set.

Picnic tables and Adirondack furniture are other popular, classic styles of outdoor furniture that are super functional and comfortable. You may even consider swings or gliders, pub tables with stools, and garden benches when shopping for optimal seating for your outdoor kitchen.

 For more inspiration, check out our spring patio trends here.

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