How to Take Care of Your Pergola

How to Take Care of Your Pergola

The land in which your home sits is a magical place full of opportunity and wonder. No matter how large or small your yard is, wherever it is, there is always a way to create amazing spots within your yard that will make you rethink how awesome ‘stay-cations’ can be.

Whether you’re looking to relax and enjoy your little slice of Heaven or to impress and entertain your family and friends, you’ll find these tips to be everything you need to turn your backyard into the best place around.

Your Dream Backyard

How do you visualize the perfect backyard? Are there gardens, fountains, picnic tables with white and red checkered sheets covering them? Or, is there a simple cozy spot under your favorite tree where you can lounge, read books on a daybed, watch the wildlife playing, and forget about your worries?

Is it a spot where family and friend entertainment are in full swing, with music, games, food, and a cozy fire pit at night with drinks and stories? Decide what you need in a backyard and start there.

The Backyard of Ultimate Comfort

Building a natural haven of comfort isn’t hard to accomplish with the right items and know-how. First, you’ll need to find a spot in your backyard that is private, probably shady (or at least partially), with plenty of room to place tables, chairs, and other amenities. If shade isn’t given to you by trees, you can always erect a structure with a bug net to still be a part of nature without having to endure being eaten alive by mosquitoes and flies.

Your comfortable backyard will need lounging furniture, some benches, and other seating. You’ll also need pillows and even some shawls and blankets stored in a storage bench for cozying up by fire pit at night. Your friends and family will be joining you after discovering your secret hideout, so be prepared to provide them some comfort.

The Backyard Garden Sanctuary

There are many ways to create a beautiful and functional backyard garden. It’s easy to plow out a small plot to grow some vegetables, fruits, and herbs, but if you want the full experience of a more extensive backyard garden, you’re going to need a few things. First, plan out where to grow your plants where they get the right amount of sunlight. Of course, plow out your soil, enrich it with nutrients, and plant all your seeds.

Once you know where all your garden plots will be, you can begin making pathways through the gardens. The walkways can be only grass, but you can always put down the stone or even concrete if you prefer. Make sure you leave enough room for a place to gather with family and friends to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Set up some picnic tables, benches, and other cozy furniture and offer some fresh, delicious food.

You can install fountains and wildlife feeders to help the birds live a great life within your garden. (Birds eat bugs, so you want them around) Lastly, you’ll want a place to fully enjoy your garden, where you can watch the butterflies, the birds, and all the other creatures that live peacefully within your garden sanctuary.

The Backyard for Entertainment


The possibilities are endless. You’ll need a lot of diverse seating and tables for adequately entertaining guests, impressive and functional decorations, music, food, and backyard games. It is easy to fill up your backyard with all kinds of fun activities and store them easily within storage benches that can double as seating.

“Almost” counts in the game of ‘horseshoes.’ Still, it doesn’t count in backyard entertainment, so don’t be afraid to get creative and get some fantastic backyard items like tables, chairs, swings, benches, and other things that make up the ‘perfect’ backyard.

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