5 Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard

Have you been thinking of adding outdoor furniture to your backyard to enjoy entertaining guests or relaxing in a beautiful, natural exterior space? Trying to decide how to upgrade your patio is exciting. Many different options for outdoor structures and areas are available, but some of them may better suit your needs than others.

Here are our top 5 ways to upgrade your backyard and create stylish, functional outdoor living space that will add value and beauty to your home:


A pergola is a simple structure, usually made entirely of wood. It can also be constructed using other materials or a combination of two to three types. Pergolas use columns and rafters to create an open-air enclosure utilized in many ways.

Smaller pergolas protect and cover swings, fire pits, or outdoor benches. Large ones, however, can cover patios, decks, or gardens. It can also be freestanding to include flooring if you want an entertainment space in the middle of the yard.

Pergolas are also an excellent choice for upgrading your backyard because they are affordable and accessible to DIY for many homeowners. Pergolas that are solid wood do take some recurring maintenance, such as needed to be sealed every two years and cleaned to avoid mildew and moss from growing on the wood.


Gazebos are classic backyard furniture that most people love. These freestanding, mostly solid wood structures, are also manufactured in other materials such as metal, stone, or synthetic lumber. Most gazebos are either hexagonal or octagonal, may or may not have a skylight, and a solid roof.

Gazebos also generally have walls and feel more enclosed than a pergola. Install it with professional landscapers' assistance, or you can purchase DIY kits and try to build one yourself. Many homeowners like to install hot tubs in their gazebos.

 Swimming Pool

Who doesn't love lounging by the pool on a beautiful day or taking a dip in the cool water when the afternoon is scorchingly hot? Swimming pool—in-ground or above, make great additions to any backyard and add significant value to a home. Swimming pools can also increase the risk assessment of your homeowner's insurance and cause your monthly premium to go up.


A patio is an excellent addition to your backyard, especially when you have professional landscaping down to compliment. It can be attached to the house, garage, garden, or be freestanding. They are great spaces for entertainment because their hard surface helps guests stay out of the mud and on flat surfaces.

Patios are great for the grill or smoker, a table, chairs, benches, or a pergola over the top of your patio to create a defined outdoor living space.


A deck is similar to a patio, but with elevated flooring and usually connected to a patio or garage. Attaching a deck to an above-ground swimming pool is also a popular backyard design. These floors are generally made from solid wood, require maintenance such as staining and resealing every two years.

Once you've decided on the structures you want to use in upgrading your backyard, consider the furniture and accessories you will use. Many people like to have a table and chairs for entertaining, outdoor fireplaces or firepits, hot tubs, lounges, gliders, and other furniture.

Some of the backyard structures in our list seem like they may be easy to do it yourself. Still, we always recommend hiring a professional landscaping or outdoor living company to complete your project.

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