Spring Patio Trends

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Spring Patio Trends

Spring isn't just the time to clean and refresh your home's cozy interior. The outdoor area also needs tending to, and that means sprucing up the garden and some patio makeover. Here are some spring patio trends worth exploring.


LED Lights 

The beauty of LED lights is that though they may cost more than incandescents upfront, they more than pay for themselves over the years. LEDs or light-emitting diodes can last for years. The intensity of their light and color can make the atmosphere of the patio familial, pleasant, or romantic.

Since spherical lights are the trend of the moment, one idea is to hang strings of round LED lights above the patio and arrange them on a nearby wall or fence. There are now patio umbrellas that come with their own tiny but bright LED lights. Solar-powered bullet lights are not only trendy but serve as a safety precaution at night, and floor lamps with colorful bases bring the indoors outside.

Blurring Indoor and Outdoor 

Speaking of bringing the indoors out, patios of 2019 are more and more resembling indoor rooms. It's becoming harder to tell indoor-outdoor fabrics from those used exclusively indoors. Plants in attractive pots curated on patio coffee tables and side tables, chandeliers hang from ceilings. Rugs made of textiles tough enough to withstand the weather but beautiful sufficient for indoors are spread over the floors.

Artwork, whether it be figurines or paintings, adds more beauty to space. A continuing trend that began a while ago is the inclusion of outdoor bars and kitchens that operate precisely the same way as those found inside the house. It includes sinks, barstools, a fridge, and freezer, preparation areas, and storage. 

Different Materials 

Patio furniture no longer needs to be made of the same material. In other words, no more sets are made exclusively of teak or solely of aluminum. Now a patio can have a loveseat made out of rattan with legs made out of wood or cast metal a coffee table or side tables of wrought aluminum next to chairs with teak frames. The color scheme, texture, and patterns of cushions and pillows pull everything together. 


Fire Pits 

These somewhat atavistic features are just the thing for bringing family and friends together, whether to enjoy their warmth and the flickering of their flames directly or for making s' mores or telling ghost stories as evening sets in. Fire pits can be fueled by gas, propane, wood, or gel, and some even double as water features.

Fireplaces also have a place in a good-sized patio, and some incorporate a pizza oven and a place to store kindling. Fires can be permanent or portable and made of many materials, including heavy cast iron, lightweight aluminum, or clay. If the owner wants a fireplace made of masonry, they'll need to check their area's zoning regulations beforehand and make sure an experienced stonemason builds it.

Fire features are always the focal point of a patio as they undoubtedly were the focal points of caves back in the Stone Age. They also have the benefit of making a small patio seem more significant than it is.

Lots of Color 

Now that indoor-outdoor fabric can have the same intensity of hues seen in indoor materials, there's no excuse for the patio to be neutral even as neutral was all the rage just a few years ago. Add a splash of color thru cushions and pillows, except for rattan, which can be painted in any color.

Besides rugs, stone such as granite and marble comes in a wealth of colors, including greens, reds, and blues. Concrete can be stained or dyed. Ceramic tiles are available in even more colors, textures, and patterns. Even the grout between the tiles can be colored to complement the decor of the rest of the patio. 

Edible Garden 

There's no need for the herb or vegetable garden to be placed on the other side of the yard unless that part of the yard is the only part that gets sun. A sunny patio is a perfect place to grow edibles. Indeed, some herb gardens can be grown in pots arranged in trolleys, and these trolleys are mobile. Move them where they are needed. The person tending the bar will be surprised at how drinks require fresh herbs -- the mojito is only one.

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