Outdoor Styling Guide For Your Patio Seating

Outdoor Styling Guide For Your Patio Seating
There’s a certain charm in seeing outdoor seating areas. A wooden bench in a park encourages you to make friends, a shaded alfresco area where you could sit down for a cup of coffee after a long day, or a balcony with a romantic view of the city - these all have one thing in common: they offer comfort with a view. The good news is that with a well-manicured landscape coupled with a nicely designed seating area, you could achieve an alluring outdoor space.

Get Inspiration from your Trips

A getaway holiday is for people to unwind and calm down from the stresses of life, so what could be a better inspiration for your patio design than one from your last trip? If you could not get enough of the beach, perhaps some lounge chairs to spice it up?

Set down matching large umbrellas to keep you protected from the harsh elements. Maybe you stayed in a resort in Bali, and you want to keep the memories lasting. In that case, get some synthetic resin furniture that resembles wicker and adds some billowing canopies for a completely relaxing effect.

Think Outside of the Box

Instead of your usual lounge chairs and benches, make use of other furniture you would only otherwise use inside your house. A swinging day bed or hammock would make afternoon naps more relaxing. If you don’t have large posts or tree trunks to hang it from, consider getting a pergola or swing frame stands.

You can also make use of poufs and bean bags with fabrics made for the outdoor styling. You can also be one with nature and make use of natural materials like a large rock or a tree stump as your seats.

Use Built-in Benches for Small Spaces

When it comes to small spaces, a time-tested trick is to use built-in furniture that also serves as storages. Those annoying crooks and crannies can be maximized and better filled with built-ins. The same could be done on your patio, especially with limited space.

The advantage of using built-in benches is that you could incorporate it from an existing detail that you already have. For example, a curved planter box can be further utilized by building around a bench that follows its curve. You can also have a customized bench with built-in storage underneath the seat to hide clutters.

Create Different Seating Areas

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with a large patio, you could divide it into sections and designate different areas for varied purposes. You could create separate seating areas for drinking, lounging, dining, and relaxing. For example, you could set an intimate dining area for your family in the most luscious part of your patio.

If you have a grill on your patio, place a long picnic table coupled with bar stools to serve off-the-grill meals to your guests. If you’re always catering to a large crowd, have another area filled with benches and low tables that are perfect for garden or cocktail parties.

Vary your Chairs

Outdoor furniture only used to come in neutral colors. Still, with more modern designers pioneering the world of design, there is now a wide variety of colors available for outdoor seating. Don’t just limit your patio to benches and chairs.

Use different seating options to make your patio look warmer and more inviting. Use bean bags, poufs, stools, and ottomans for low and casual seating. Hang hammocks, swings, and daybeds and add stylish rockers and gliders as fun accents. Design your patio as you would your living room and even add accessories to intensify the flair.

Consider Privacy

Your patio will be cozier with an enclosed seating area with tall hedges, plants, wooden fences, or a translucent screen that offers privacy while still allowing natural sunlight and the slight breeze to pass through.

More than just the seating and furniture itself, design your landscape in such a way that makes it more welcoming. A good landscape design coupled with great architectural features and cozy furniture can make your gatherings more intimate and calm, even just when you want to relax by yourself.

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