How To Decorate Your Deck

January 13, 2018

How To Decorate Your Deck

A deck is that space that borders between lounging, hanging out with friends or just relaxing with family. Aside from your living or family room, this area is one of the most utilized rooms in your house. This is one good reason to spruce it up even when you’re on a budget. Whether you’re looking to refresh a tired looking deck or just want to enhance it for your next spring or summer party, there are ways to go about it even when you’re on a budget. A good mindset to start with is to take what you already have and work from there making edits little by little.

General Cleaning

First and foremost, this is one thing you should be doing on a routine basis since a deck is exposed to different weather elements all year round. This would also be a great time to inspect loose boards, rusty nails, and rotting wood. If there are replacements needed to be done, you can either go the DIY route or get a professional to do the work for you. Take this time to decide if you want to varnish or repaint your wooden floor.

Clean your sundeck flooring by sanding and power washing it to get rid of the raised fibers. Do these on the wooden rails as well. There are a right and wrong ay of power washing. Done the wrong way, your floors could end up damaged so take the time to read up on how to properly use a power washer, or better yet get someone experienced to do it for you.

Discard what you don’t need

Maybe outdoor chairs and bed swings are beyond repair and needs to be replaced with a new one. Take stock of all the items on your deck and check what can be repaired and what should be replaced. Fall and winter is a good time to shop for bargain outdoor furniture. Flea markets and yard sales can be a good source as well as they sell items that are second-hand which you won’t mind putting outside. DIY projects can help you save money and will occupy boring weekends. Just look up some ideas on Pinterest for some design inspiration.

Change your Layout

A simple change in your usual setup can make a big difference. Trading bulky furniture for smaller ones can help open up some space in your deck. If you have a roomie deck area, you can separate it into sections, one for lounging and entertaining and maybe one part for al fresco dining. Built-in storages will make a great space saving solution if your deck has a limited area. Consider adding a shade using an umbrella, a swing canopy or outdoor curtains to protect against the hot sun or blistering wind.

Choose a color palette

A good source of inspiration for your color palette is your existing furniture. You can never go wrong with neutrals accented with bursts of bright colors like red and orange. You can also choose to go eclectic or a boho theme if you have so many colors and patterns in your deck.

Try changing your deck rail design

If your railings are already old, update it with a customized wooden rail with a contemporary design and decorative finials. Cable railing combined with wood or tempered glass can help modernize your old looking deck.

Add different sources of lights

Create and set the mood by adding different sources of lights. Fairy lights never fail to make any environment romantic but you can also choose to add wall washers in different colors, step lights to illuminate the steps on your deck, or accent lights to highlight a wall feature. A ceiling fan with lights can provide air and light at the same time. You can also add decorative pendant lights for a more polished look. Adding different light sources will not only intensify the drama of your space, it will also heighten the safety and security feature to your home.

Decorate your deck

Have fun decorating your deck and decorate it as you would your indoor rooms. Check out below for some wonderful ideas:

  • Hang a hammock for the perfect lounging experience.
  • A daybed with some comfy cushions is great for napping in the afternoons or reading a book. You can choose to keep it on the floor or make it more relaxing by hanging it off of the floor.
  • Add accessories like vases, huge ceramic pots, and lanterns. Poufs, cushions, pillows, and rugs break the roughness of the outdoor areas and will add warmth and softness to your deck.
  • Add an accent piece to create visual interest. It could be a bright colored chair that stands out among your other furnishings or a pendant light for a functional focal point.
  • Create a small nook consisting of small armchairs with a round table for a place to put your iced lemonade and with a folding screen for privacy. Add a floor lamp and you have the perfect reading spot.
  • Add a portable fire pit for those chilly nights.
  • If your deck is shaded with a roof, explore the option of adding a ceiling fan to keep away mosquitoes and to keep you cool in the summer. 
  • Try adding a built-in cabinet with a TV inside to keep guests entertained.

Plant fresh smelling plants near your deck

Complete the whole look of your deck by adding some fresh aroma from natural sources. Map out your space and plant some aromatic flowers near your deck. Angel’s trumpet, gardenia, heliotrope, and evening primrose are just some of the fresh smelling flowers you can choose from. Similarly, you can add potted plants in the corners of your deck to incorporate some greenery. Use decorative, chic planters for accent. You can also try exploring the idea of a vertical garden wall if your deck has limited space. It’s a great wall feature and space saver if you don’t have much room to add your potted plants.

With these fabulous tips and ideas, you can easily update the flair of your deck and make it enjoyable while entertaining your friends and family.

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