Timeless Outdoor Design Patio Trends

Timeless Outdoor Design Patio Trends

The industrial style has been huge lately, owing to its beauty to the raw and unfinished characteristics of the materials. Concrete has become a significant player in the design industry. It’s simple, cost-efficient, and it works. 

Concrete patios will make the architectural details pop without looking dull, and there are so many creative ways with it as it offers texture and a wide variety of color options. If you want to utilize concrete, you can use it as outdoor furniture or finish of your outdoor kitchen. 

Timber Flooring

Aside from concrete, the use of timber as a flooring material has been and will remain popular. Like teak, it can be left to turn silver or maintain in its natural color, which works both ways.

Matte Black Finish


Gone are the days of stainless steel and polished chrome and let the matte black color take center stage. This finish is contemporary, yet it complements a lot of materials. To employ this in your outdoor space, choose any metal furniture in this type of finish. Portable fire pits, as well as wall lamps and accessories in chrome black, are among the ways you can make use of this eye-catching finish.

Rich Hues and Oversized Floral Prints

Neutrals are always a popular choice for outdoors, but this time rich and warmer shades like camel color, rust, and brownish blacks will take over the cooler neutrals. Deep hues such as Burgundy and Navy are also fashionable. When it comes to prints, you can dress up your soft furnishings in large floral prints in high-contrast colors.

Fire Pits

This trend won’t go away anytime soon. More than just a trend, many homeowners see the fire pit as an integral part of their outdoor area, especially during the cold nights. With the demand for fire pits on the rise, designers and manufacturers are coming up with various designs.

It could be the basic iron bowl or a multi-function built-in fire pit that also serves as a coffee table. The addition of fire pits extends the use of your outdoor space during fall or in places where winters aren’t so extreme. The iconic Adirondack chairs are the perfect companion of a fire pit section.

Strip Lighting

Whether on steps or walls or furniture, strip lights are trendy this year because additional sources of view aside from general lighting enhance the mood and feel of any area.

Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style is a hit due to minimalist and straightforward charm oozing with coziness and warmth. Recently, the style is taken outside, and the same elements are applied in its decor and furniture pieces.

Pastel and cool colors are used, and the monochromatic color palette is ideal. The style was created to combat the long and gloomy winters in the Scandinavian countries, which makes even more sense to apply it outdoors when the days start to become chilly.

Climate Controlled Garden

No longer just for design, landscapes are being designed to go with the flow of climate. It will be an ongoing trend due to the continuing effects of climate change.

Wind resistant trees and shrubs that can withstand strong winds without being uprooted as well as serving as wind barriers will be popular for landscapers. Hot and dry summers are also kept in mind, and tall plants that provide shade should be planted as well as plants that require little water.

Spa-like Wellness

Landscapers will encourage homeowners to turn their piece of land into a wellness retreat with plenty of water features that soothes the mind. Various hardscape, as well as materials, textures, and finishes, allow homeowners to enjoy a calming retreat in their homes. 

Restoring Mother Nature’s Habitat


Gardeners are aiming to attract a wide variety of birds and butterflies, as well as frogs and turtles. A variety of shrubs, trees, tall plants, and flowers that provide food and shelter as well as reducing or stopping the use of harmful chemicals are a few ways to help local wildlife. Besides, seeing butterflies fluttering around your garden is always a magical treat.

Quirky Edible Garden

Aside from the usual tomatoes and salad greens, edibles gardening will feature a variety of exotic and fun new vegetables and fruits such as edamame, cucamelons, amaranths, and so much more. A varied garden will also mean new recipes for the New Year.

Timeless vs Trendy

While it’s fun to go along with the trend, keep in mind that trends come in go. It’s not necessary to follow these trends but rather add in a few like touches of the UltraViolet color. Go for timeless instead of trendiness, and your outdoor area will always be “in” whatever trends come and go.

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