13 Ways to Add Personality to Your Backyard

13 Ways to Add Personality to Your Backyard

Who says you can't have a little fun while decorating your backyard? There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to designing outdoor spaces. Because it's a place where every member of the family hangs out, you can incorporate various personalities into it and make it a home entirely your own. 

1. Go ahead and add that crazy-looking chair

We all know that there are outdoor furniture pieces that are designed to be placed in your backyard, but that bright, neon chair is begging to be noticed and is perfect for backyard parties. Go ahead and put it.

The best way to add an accent piece is to look for a flea market, or garage sale finds. These are okay to put outside because these are furniture that is already aged or worn out, and you won't mind if it weathers, fades or gets rusty.

2. Ditch the Scarecrow for a weird sculpture

Scarecrows add a lot of fun in the garden, but you can also replace it with a sculpture of your own or a vintage find like an antique wheelbarrow or an antique bicycle that you can integrate with your landscape.

Even that weird-looking octopus' sculpture you bought on a whim, which your partner would not allow inside the house, could finally find a home beside your favorite bench in your backyard.

3. Go crazy with color

Pantone just revealed its color of the year for 2018, and it's ultraviolet. You can jump in on the bandwagon and paint your whole backyard wall in this shade or go subtle and infuse your favorite color through accessories, planters, or an accent wall.

4. Don't be afraid to illuminate

Aside from your landscape lighting, set the mood by adding in string lights, lanterns, and candles. This will make those star gazing nights perfect.

You can also choose to add paper lanterns, and while these are not meant to be used outdoors, it's a quick burst of color and shape will add visual interest to your space. Moroccan lanterns will also lend a nice touch to any boring backyard while still providing much-needed illumination.

5. Bring in the warmth

The best way to utilize your backyard is to add a fire pit for those chilly nights. Consider a wide-rimmed fire pit where you can place glasses and plates without getting too close to the flame. It's an instant s' mores maker and a great way to converse with family and friends while keeping yourself toasty and warm.

6. Make it Fun

Although not everyone has the luxury of owning a big backyard, there are ways to make it fun for every member of the family while making each member's personality to shine through. Whether a mini treehouse for the kids, a small obstacle course for the dogs, a mini-golf course for entertaining the guests, fountains that aren't just for display but for splashing as well, a skateboard ramp for practicing, an oversized chess set, the possibilities are endless!

If you love movie nights, the ultimate fun would be an outdoor movie theater right on your lawn. All you'll need is a blank wall, a projector, and some popcorn and you're good to go!

7. Add an outdoor tub or shower

If you really want to make your backyard more personal, consider adding a tub or shower. You could either choose to have a built-in tub or a classic clawfoot tub for an extra oomph to your backyard. Don't forget to ensure privacy by adding screens or tall plant barriers.

8. Display your collectibles

Let everyone know what you like and proudly boast of your collectible items like old plates or bottle collections. Hang breakables so you can rest easy while you showcase it to the world. You can also use the idea of a bottle tree where bottles are inserted upside down on dead twigs and branches, which, according to folklore, capture bad spirits at night.

9. Show off your succulents

Re-pot a few of your favorite plants from your garden and neatly arrange them on a small table in your backyard for everyone to see. You can also choose to show off some herbs that will delight the senses. Hang repurposed planters on an empty fence to give it some life.

10. Add drapes

Don't be afraid to put some drapes out. There are drapes designed for the outdoors like Sunbrella(c), which not only provides protection from weather elements and insects and can also make your backyard cozy and intimate.

11. Graffiti that wall

Or create a stylish mural. Don't know what to do with that blank wall? Leap and spray paint some graphics. You can also hire a mural painter if you have an idea in mind.

12. Repurpose items into planters

Show your creative side by repurposing old items and turning it into planters. Tin cans, typewriters, old piggy banks, large wooden decorations, and just about anything you can think of can be used as decorative elements. Drill some holes, and it's good to go. It helps mother nature, it shows off personality, and it's fun.

13. Create visual play with texture and pattern

Bring out those rugs, poufs, and bean bags. Never mind if it's for outdoor use or not. If you're anxious about the weather damaging these non-outdoor pieces, bring out these items if you're planning to have a backyard party or get knock off things from the flea markets.

Take the mindset you had when you designed your interiors outside and have fun showcasing your personality in your backyard.

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