Glacier Country Half Log Plank Bench

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The Glacier Country Half Log Plank Bench by Montana Woodworks showcases a unique and one-of-a-kind, foot half log bench, solid and sturdy with a captivating natural wood grain. It's a conversation piece, each time the guests arrive. Sprayed professionally with premium-grade exterior stain and is approved for outdoor use.

Handcrafted using an entire log sawn lengthwise from locally grown wood and genuine lodge pole pine accents. The artisans at Montana Woodworks built each bench with an attentive eye toward style and detail. Craftsmen remove the outer bark using old-fashioned draw knives while leaving the inner cambium layer intact for increased texture and contrast. The process is completed in a professional eight-step process that applies stain and lacquer for a durable, low-maintenance finish. 

  • Handcrafted in Montana USA
  • Solid, US-grown Genuine Lodge Pole Pine Wood
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind Glacier Country style.
  • Approximate Dimensions:   4ft: 48"W x 19"D x 18"H; 5ft: 60"W x 19"D x 18"H; and, 6ft: 72"W x 19"D x 18"H
  • Each Piece Signed By The Artisan Who Makes It
  • Solid genuine lodge pole pine
  • Approved for Outdoor Use
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty

Material: US-Grown Genuine Lodgepole Pine
Use: Outdoors
Dimensions: 4ft: 48"W x 19"D x 18"H, 5ft: 60"W x 19"D x 18"H, 6ft: 72"W x 19"D x 18"H
Capacity: 350 lbs
Weight: 4ft - 40 lbs, 5ft - 56 lbs, 6ft - 60 lbs
Finish: Exterior Stain
Product Note: You may notice a range of natural slit-like cracks to larger/richer cracks that run the length of the log to the heart of the wood. This normal process is known as "checking" and does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the piece. These cracks add character and enhance the natural beauty of the piece.

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