Ultimate Guide to Select The Perfect Wooden Bench

January 12, 2019

Ultimate Guide to Select The Perfect Wooden Bench

What type of wood bench is right for you? With so many different types of woods to choose from, it can be tough figuring out the benefits and advantages of each one. There are actually over 100,000 different wood species in the world and believe it or not, each type of wood bears unique qualities and characteristics that affect its durability and performance. We’ve provided a summary of the different wood types used to craft our benches and furniture to make it easier for you to decide what type of wood furniture works best for your space.

Ash Wood


White Ash is a heavy wood that is exceptionally flexible and durable. It has a straight, pronounced grain and a pale brownish-yellow hue. Ash wood works well as outdoor furniture if finished with a protective coating, but if left unfinished outdoors, the wood will be susceptible to insect attacks and decay. Ash Wood works great for indoor furniture as well.


Acacia is a heavy and dense wood that performs well indoors and outdoors. Acacia wood typically has a rich, dark, reddish-brown hue and contains beautiful mixed grain patterns and swirls. Acacia has an acceptable resistance against decay and weathering.


Cypress wood is one of the best woods available in the US for outdoor furniture. Cypress is strong, durable, and contains preservatives that make it naturally resistant against decay and pests. Cypress wood has a golden brown tone and ranks well in dimensional stability, making it extremely resistant against warping and splitting. Check out our Cypress collection here.


Hickory is among the heaviest, hardest, and strongest woods in North America. It is generally denser, tougher, and has more of a rough, textured look and feel. Hickory wood tends to be reddish-brown in color and is perfect for creating a pioneer/rustic look. Outdoor Hickory furniture performs best with a stain coating. We recommend covering Hickory porch swing with a tarp in adverse weather conditions.

Monkey Pod Wood

Monkey Pod is an exotic, honey to dark brown colored wood that is highly durable against decay and is resistant against most pests. Monkey Pod is coarse in texture and has a beautiful combination of straight and wavy grain patterns. Monkey Pod Wood is one of our top picks for indoor and outdoor furniture. Check out our collection here.

North American Aspen

North American Aspen is a light and soft wood that has good dimensional stability and low shrinkage. Aspen tends to be pale-tan and ranks low in durability and pest resistance. Prairie Leisure gliders will perform best outdoors with two coats of paint to protect it from the elements.


Sapelli is a beautiful African wood that works well for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Sapelli is a stable wood that is durable against decay, but may be susceptible to pests if not finished properly. Like Mahogany, Sapelli also has a reddish-brown to dark brown hue.


Famously used throughout history for constructing boats, Teak wood is considered by many as the world’s most durable wood. Naturally weather-resistant and pest-resistant, unfinished Teak hold up very well in all weather conditions for many years. If left in direct weather Teak wood turns from a golden brown to a silvery patina gray over time. Teak furniture usually costs more, but is well worth it if you are looking for decades of maintenance-free enjoyment.

White Cedar

Northern White Cedar is another great outdoor wood that is durable against weathering, decay, and pests. It has a fine textured grain and tends to have a pale, yellow to tan hue. Ranked as one of the lightest woods available in the U.S, White Cedar is a solid choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Yellow Balau

Yellow Balau is a durable tropical hardwood from Southeast Asia that has similar properties to Teak wood. It is highly resistant against weathering, pests, mold, and will weather elegantly outdoors without rotting. If you’re looking for maintenance-free outdoor furniture, Yellow Balau is another excellent choice that is comparable to Teak. 

Yellow Pine

Yellow Pine is a hard, dense wood that has a pale yellowish hue. It has good resistance to decay and has a good overall strength to weight ratio, making it a good choice for outdoor furniture. We recommend two coats of paint on outdoor Yellow Pine furniture to increase longevity.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a popular, lightweight wood that has excellent dimensional stability and rot-resistant qualities. Western Red Cedar furniture holds up very nicely outdoors and resists warping, cracking, and pests. If left unfinished in direct weather, Western Red Cedar wood will turn into a silvery gray over time.

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