Top Ten Reasons Your Backyard Needs a Pergola

Top Ten Reasons Your Backyard Needs a Pergola

Summer is just around the corner, and as you’re planting, mowing, and dragging out the barbecue grill, you should consider upgrading your backyard entertainment space with a pergola.

Pergolas are simple, usually wood, structures that create an outdoor living space that is versatile, functional, and beautiful. Raise the flooring and enjoy an elevated pergola on a deck of hardwood floors. They generally have a rustic look with rafter ceilings, but there are plenty of ways to create a more enclosed space. Check out all the reasons why you need a backyard pergola:

Defined Space for Entertaining

A Pergola enables you to create a designated area for entertaining in your backyard. When you’re having a party and need your guests to stay in one place, a pergola creates boundaries. Easier to manage the party this way.


One of the best things about pergolas is their versatility. Pergolas are large, open structures, but you can easily hang drapes or pergola curtains, or set up screens or lattice so that you can have the privacy of walls whenever you want!

Shade and Protection from the Elements

Pergola’s can offer a respite from the summer sun or spring rains by utilizing canopy options or a natural ceiling. Many homeowners create a natural roof by planting vine plants that sprawl as they grow.

Garden Oasis

If you have ever wanted your garden oasis in your backyard, a pergola can help you achieve a hanging garden look. You can plant flowers and vines that grow from the ground up and hang plans from the rafters.

Combine to Other Structures

Turn your backyard into an elegant courtyard for entertainment by connecting your pergola to other structures such as the gazebo, deck, patio, or veranda. Your yard will be perfect for outdoor entertaining when you use landscaping and walkways to connect the structures or build them to join.

Increase Your Home value

Attractive, professional landscaping that includes outdoor structures can add up to 20% to your home’s value. Pergola’s are an affordable way to add substantial value to your property.

DIY Project

You can browse the internet and find plenty of do-it-yourself directions and plans for building your backyard pergola. With a few helpers and some knowledge in carpentry, you can quickly erect a pergola in an afternoon. We recommend using professional landscapers to get the most value out of your project.


Pergola’s are perfect for any home because of its versatility. Our favorite structures are the reliable wood pergolas, but you can also have pergolas made out of metal, and some use vinyl. There are also many different plans to choose from to make your backyard your own. Pergolas can also be smaller and be used to house a backyard swing, cover your patio, or garden.


Pergolas are beautiful and eye-catching. These structures use iconic architectural design to create a stunning dimension in your backyard. You can paint them, use different materials, hang drapes, and outfit them with all the best furniture and accessories such as outdoor fireplaces, couches, tables, and chairs.

Easy to Maintain

Pergolas are easy to maintain and clean. Use a pressure washer, or high-pressure hose to spray away dirt. Use a bristle brush and cleaning solution to scrub your pergola twice per year.

If you notice mildew growing on your pergola, you should address it immediately by scrubbing the mold off with a bleach solution. If your pergola is hardwood, you should protect it by using a sealant. Homeowners should stain and reseal their pergolas every two years.

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