Decorating with Outdoor Lighting

Decorating with Outdoor Lighting

One of the best parts of evening entertaining is seeing the glow of beautiful, decorative lighting that can create an ethereal ambiance. If you love entertaining outdoors, check out our tips and tricks for using outdoor lighting in sophisticated and modern styles.

Candle Lanterns 

Candle lanterns are decorative and hung from branches or hooks. They create a beautiful glow, especially if you choose colored glass lanterns and make your backyard look like a romantic fairy garden.

There are citronella candles you can buy for these lanterns that will also repel mosquitoes and insects and give off a pleasant citrus scent.

Some lanterns are even safe to set on tables as centerpieces. Made from a variety of materials, including glass, frosted glass, metal, and rock. Hang candle lanterns from the rafters of a pergola give overhead light when sitting on the deck or patio.

Candles are safe to use in your garden or yard when they are inside of enclosed lanterns like those specially designed for outdoor use. If the flame worries you, however, many different battery-operated lantern lights have a similar effect. Lamps are super easy to use and can be changed with the theme or seasonally if you want.

String Lights

String lights are great for decorating open areas like the rafters of the pergola or gazebo. You can also hang them along your fence or over the top of the trellis. String lights come in many different colors and shapes. You can find these in abundance during the winter holidays in shops, but stylish, modern, garden string lights are available online all year. String lights are super easy to put up and takedown.

Light Fixtures

Outdoor light fixtures such as track lighting, lights on posts, and hanging lights are good choices when you are looking for bright lights. Over the cooking area, swimming pools, and in the dark parts of the backyard are great places to install light fixtures, especially if you have children. Light fixtures are usually considered pretty permanent backyard fixtures.

Landscape Lighting

Ask your landscaper about incorporating lighting into your landscape design. Decorative lighting throughout your gardens will highlight your flowers' beauty and reflect off the water elements during evening entertaining. Colored lights can be added to fountains, pools, and waterfalls. Always install lights in your water elements, done by a certified electrician who specializes in pool lighting.

One hot trend for landscape lighting is hidden LED lighting strips that can run along borders, steps, walkways, and under your outdoor patio furniture. Uplighting is another excellent garden lighting trend that uses lights positioned under trees or plants and pointed upwards. You can also use it on pergola columns or fencing and walls.

Glowing Planters

Did you know you can get large pots and planters that double as luminaries? These super cool decorative patio planters are large and make a statement while glowing brightly and illuminating your patio or deck. Smaller lighted planters are available that are perfect for highlighting patio or porch steps.

Pendant Lights

Just like inside your kitchen, pendant lights are great, install over the outdoor dining table or bar. Connect pendant lights on porches, awnings, pergola rafters, and inside gazebos. The most popular versions are made from metal and feature caged design with the light in the middle. Pendant lights are modern and industrial in style.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to decorate your patio and get you for your next outdoor party, check out our blog.

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