How to Bring Luxury to Your Backyard

How to Bring Luxury to Your Backyard

Is your patio or deck looking drab and forgotten about? Is your backyard in need of a serious makeover? Outdoor entertainment doesn’t have to be a thing of the past when you can add luxury and style to your yard. Check out our tips and tricks for creating a backyard of luxury.

Bring the Inside Outside

Your guests want to feel comfortable when you are entertaining outdoors, so bringing inside elements to your patio or deck is always a fantastic idea. Some indoor items that you should incorporate into your outdoor space are lighting, furniture, sound systems, dining, and cooking space.

Set up a shaded spot for guests like the pergola with a canopy or a canopy over the patio.


Architectural Structures

One of the best ways to make your backyard feel luxurious is to incorporate architectural structures such as a pergola or gazebo. A pergola is a versatile structure that features columns and rafters. They are typically made from solid hard or softwoods but can also be made from metals or vinyl materials. Pergolas are usually rectangular or square but can be different shapes as well, including circular.

Gazebos are roofed structures that are also made from solid wood in most cases. Most gazebos are hexagonal or octagonal, but they can come in many shapes and materials like pergolas.


The main difference between a pergola and a gazebo is that gazebos have a closed roof, whereas pergolas are open. Some gazebos also feature enclosed walls with windows. Simultaneously, pergolas are mostly open, although you can purchase pergola curtains for added privacy.

Large pergolas can create a defined space for entertaining or a setting room such as where the buffet of food will be. You can also add flooring underneath your pergola to create a beautiful sitting area. Clear it and use it for dancing.


Gazebos may be perfect for your garden or a backyard centerpiece where guests can relax out of the sun and wind. Some homeowners even install skylights and hot tubs in their gazebos.

Creating Your Cooking Space Outdoors

Most have grills and maybe a smoker, but if you want your backyard to look luxurious, consider adding a second kitchen outdoors. You can easily install a bar with a sink and running water and cooktops to conveniently prepare food for your guests.


Professional Landscaping

Your backyard needs to be weed-free with a lawn that is full and green. If you want your garden to reflect the same sophistication as your home exudes, you need professional landscaping.

Plants, trees, bushes, flowers, and even ponds and fountains, will create awe for your guests when they step into your newly made over the backyard. There is nothing more welcoming than an outdoor space that looks natural, maintained, and immaculate.


Backyard Accessories

You may need a little more than somewhere for your guests to sit and eat when you are entertaining outdoors. Consider decorating and accessorizing your backyard with an outdoor bricked fireplace or fire pit.

Add stylish pillows and cushions to your benches and swings, and don't forget the lighting! You can't entertain outdoors during the evening without some illumination for your backyard. String lights and hanging lantern lights are ethereal and whimsical.


Install track lighting above your cooking spaces. If you have the right kind of awning, you can install electricity and lights such as ceiling fans or pendant lights. It would help if you also considered lawn games such as bags, badminton/volleyball, croquet, horseshoes so that guests can have fun when they aren't eating or drinking.

For more ideas on decorating your outdoor space, check out our blog on decorating your deck.

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