Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Dining Area

Classy, backyard entertainment means having a designated space for your guests to dine. Somewhere out of the wind, sun, or weather. Your guests will expect ample seating and plenty of space to eat and chat while they are enjoying your outdoor party. You need to make sure you have the very best outdoor furniture for a dining area that is stylish, elegant, and functional.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Places to Sit

Your guests may be outside, but they still need, and expect, somewhere to sit, especially when it's time to eat. There are many different choices for outdoor seating from picnic tables to full dining sets that are perfect for outdoors.

Depending on your style and preference you can decorate your deck or patio with chairs, benches, Adirondack or tete-e-tete furniture, and even swings. You can also have seating built into your landscape or patio design with outdoor furniture made from stone or concrete.

Use Outdoor Structures to Define Your Space

Outdoor structures such as pergolas can help you define your dining space. You can choose to have your guests dine underneath a large pergola with deck flooring, or you can set out a magnificent buffet for your dinner guests underneath a pergola. You can even add canopies or curtains to your pergola for added privacy and protecting the food.

Cushions and Pillows

Your cushions and pillows for your outdoor furniture should be stylish but also comfortable and easy to clean. If you live somewhere the weather changes frequently you should also choose pillows and cushions that you can quickly take on and off.

Outdoor Cooking

Having an outdoor dining area is excellent, but the cook should be part of the party too right? Consider setting up an outdoor kitchen so that your guests can enjoy chatting with the chefs and everything you need for the party is outside and easily accessible.

Outdoor Tables

There are as many different types of outdoor tables as there are chairs. Traditional picnic tables offer seating for six to eight people, and octagonal picnic tables are unique and perfect for barbeques.

Rectangular tables with short, backed benches offer ample seating when surface space is limited, and pub tables with bar stools are perfect for entertaining with backdoor cocktails.

There are also plenty of outdoor tables and chairs sets that look like your indoor dining table. Outdoor dining sets are modern, stylish, and elegant.

Making the Most of Limited Space

If you're working with limited space such as on small patio or deck and don't have a lot of room for big pieces of outdoor furniture, you can make the most of the space by choosing the right seating. Round tables are classic for patio furniture with plenty of space to sit several people.

Bar tables and outdoor barstools are other popular options for outside dining with limited space. If you are looking for eco-friendly furniture, you can get tables made from recycled plastic that comes in beautiful colors, or choose classic hickory if you love rustic furniture.

Tete-e-Tete furniture is also a great space saving option that allows for two people to sit and share a small table. Having a few Tete-e-Tete style seats around the edge of your outdoor dining area really open up your space and leave plenty of room for mingling or kids playing.

A Bar Set is also an excellent option for patio or deck dining. A Bar set seats at least five people on barstools around the outside with room behind for a bartender. If you are looking to have a full outdoor kitchen, bar sets are also perfect for installing sinks and running water!

Planning your outdoor dining area is fun and easy when you follow our tips and tricks for creating the perfect stylish outdoor patio and dining area.

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