How to Easily Upgrade Your Deck

How to Easily Upgrade Your Deck

The deck on your house is one of the places where family and friends gather for backyard barbecues, celebrations, and daily activities like playing games with kids and dogs. The deck is an excellent place to bond with loved ones and make some killer food. If you find your deck lacking, then you’ll find these tips will take your deck from “just a wooden platform,” to “I want to be on the back deck at all times.”

What are Decks Commonly Equipped With?

No matter how large or small your deck is, you’ll surely find some grill on it. It’s a necessity for every household.

You’ll also find some cool outdoor seating. Picnic tables and outdoor tables and chairs are typical. But you want to do better, and you want to make your sectionals functional and stylish. To house all the cool things you need for the grill and other outdoor items, you’ll need some storage space. There are several options, but you can opt to use storage benches.

A deck needs some lounging furniture as well. What good is a deck without some super comfy lounge chairs, a couple of porch swings, some tanning lounges, and even a reading nook in the corner under a patio umbrella. It isn’t uncommon to see even an outdoor daybed, or a hammock hooked up. You’ll need to relax after eating all that delicious fire-grilled food.

Electronics are a part of everyone’s lives nowadays, so you’ll need to think about what you may want to install out on the deck. Outside speakers are a must so you can enjoy your favorite beats.

There are many commonalities when it comes to decks, but if you want to enhance your wooden platform, then you’ll want to think big and plan to understand what you want and what you want to use the outdoor space for.

If you need more inspiration for the perfect deck furniture, check out our guide for ideal patio furniture.

Awesome Deck Upgrades

You can always upgrade what you have first and worry about adding new features later. Instead of having just a grill, you can build a brick oven and a fire pit in the middle of the deck with some built-in seating. Your firepit can include a couple of grates high above the flames, so it essentially becomes your grill and place to warm up on cold days and nights.

Your outdoor furniture can always be changed and upgraded. These decisions will all depend on how many people you entertain and what your goals are. It is a good idea to ensure that your furniture works for you in different ways. Storage benches are a great seating option that you can use to store all the items you need for the grill, brick oven, or fire pit.

If you plan on entertaining guests, you’ll need to upgrade your electronics situation. You’ll need to have some power ran to the deck using a separate fuse box. Once you do that, you can install plenty of outlets to plug in TVs, stereo systems, lighting systems, and some charging ports.

There are a ton of smart home solutions to make your deck controlled by just your voice. You can tell your deck to turn the lights on, play whatever music you like, turn on the TV, and even turn on a specific outlet that you have something plugged into already.

Hence, it turns on as well, also though it isn’t a ‘smart’ product, like a heated blanket when you want to watch the evening news cuddled up on the deck while you enjoy dessert after eating a great meal made over the fire.

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