Your Essential Guide to Adirondack Furniture

Your Essential Guide to Adirondack Furniture

Adirondack furniture has been around for more than a century. First invented by East coast native Thomas Lee in 1903, the Adirondack chair has gone through a few transformations over the years, but the style remains one of the most popular all over the United States when it comes to outdoor living.

What is Adirondack Furniture?

Adirondack is a specific style of furniture marked by a rounded back made of slats and a seat designed the same way with wide armrests. Its seat reclines so you can sit comfortably no matter the degree of incline or slope of the terrain.

 Adirondack was invented to ensure that no matter where your adventures take you, a chair can be relied on to provide respite and comfort.

How to Use Adirondack Furniture

You can use Adirondack furniture on your patio or deck, porch, or in your backyard because the chairs don't require stable flooring to remain comfortable. Using Adirondack chairs on your porch, facing the yard for people watching, or set several around a fire pit in the yard for cozy smores roast.

Most people think of Adirondack chairs when they think of the term. Still, its style inspired other outdoor furniture such as outdoor rocking chairs, gliders, and swings.

You can find Adirondack benches perfect for a casual corner of your screen on the porch with a coffee table. Many people also love to install an Adirondack style porch swing or day bed to hang from a pergola or arbor.

While Adirondack is associated with casual and beachy, many people don't think about incorporating the style in their more formal outdoor furniture, such as their patio dining set. Adirondack furniture is continually evolving and blends the lines between traditional and modern, especially when carpenters are finding innovative ways to incorporate the style. You can upgrade your patio table to a long dining table with sleek, contemporary chairs inspired by the Adirondack to create an impression on guests.

No matter which style you choose, you can find something functional and comfortable for outdoor living that reflects your personality.

Styling Adirondack Furniture

Natural wood is the preferred material for Adirondack furniture. Synthetic lumber, however, is emerging to be a popular choice. It's eco-friendly, low maintenance, and all-weather features are beginning to gain traction in the market. Adirondack style is minimalism without embellishments or upholstery.

One way to make it look more elegant, stylish, and comfortable is to add outdoor-ready cushions and pillows that are durable and easy to clean. Your guests will appreciate the extra touch of style and pop of personality that decorative outdoor pillows offer.

Taking Care of Adirondack Furniture

Most people have Adirondack furniture that is either plastic or wood. Plastic furniture is easy to clean with a power washer and soapy water. It would help if you took care to spray down your furniture and use a rag or soft brush to clean plastic Adirondack furniture.

When you have wooden Adirondack furniture, there is a bit more maintenance required to take care of the wood. It includes sealing the furniture with weather protectant and fade-resistant sealer every two years.

You may also need to stain or repaint as the color fades if you don't want to leave the wood natural. If you do paint, make sure to choose high-quality paint designed for outdoor use.

We recommend bringing your outdoor furniture indoors to avoid weather damage when you aren't using them to last longer. If you need more tips on wooden furniture, check out our guide for caring for your outdoor wooden benches.

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