How to Decorate Your Porch: Take It from Stoop to Stunning in a Hurry

How to Decorate Your Porch: Take It from Stoop to Stunning in a Hurry

Unfortunately, investing in beautifying a porch is likely one of the least priorities. But, once done with the project of transforming it into something amazing, stylish, and functional, you will want to proceed to decorate your porch up the priority list.

What is the First Thing on the List of Things to Do?

The very first thing you should do is a plan. With most things in life, planning something is always iffy, and you risk wasting time, but planning is a necessity for home improvement work. Your porch will become precisely how you want it to be.

Everyone has their way of planning things out. So, use your imagination and get to it. You can Get some paper and map out detailed drafts of ideas, designs, and unique or custom furniture. You can do it merely by putting everything in your mind and diving right in. 

Whichever way you plan to redecorate, make sure to measure everything you want to change. If you plan to revitalize your porch by doing some construction, you'll want to accomplish that first. While you plan your style and design for your new porch, that bit of development would be great to put on the "honey to-do list."

Your Porch Can Be So Much More

Porches are naturally rooms used for relaxing in a rocking chair, taking off dirty shoes and clothes before getting all the nasties in the house, storing toys, and other household things. But, your porch can be the most amazing room in your home, if you know how to decorate it.

Dining Room – Depending on your porch's size, you can upgrade the area into a deluxe dining room, with a beautiful, long table with plenty of chairs, a china cabinet full of your best dinnerware fine-sounding stereo system to play awesome tunes. At the same time, you and your family and friends sit down for an elegant meal. Every meal is excellent while basking in the sun, or the stars and closer to nature. 

Sitting Room – Many porches function for this purpose, but you want to elevate that idea into something grand. Think outside the box and get some matching furniture with excellent features. You can bring the deep seating sets outdoors to match the living area indoors, out on the porch. Maximize the available space and utilize it according to how you want to spend your days outdoors. A gorgeous porch swing can also be an added seating, yet be the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a long day.

You'll also want things like an ice-box chest, a couple of stands with large glass drink dispensers filled with lemonade and tea, a bookshelf filled with your favorite books, and a music system to jam the greatest hits. Don't forget electronics. You'll need some outlets for chargers and maybe even a wall-mounted TV. Your gatherings can be quite extraordinary in a cozy porch with sleep-inducing, chic furniture.

Cave – No, not the kind with bears, unless you consider yourself a mama bear or papa bear. A porch can be turned into a lady cave or a man cave easily. You can hang some eyelets into the rafter beams for ultimate comfort and hook up a hammock to relax while you watch Sunday's games or read a spicy romance. This plan includes everything you love. Your imagination will only limit your awesome new porch.

Repurpose Your Things for Your Porch

When you are decorating and filling in the spaces, your lovely furniture, go through your house and pick out some things that may collect dust in the garage or the basement. You can find a purpose for anything, even what is seemingly junk. You'd be surprised at how many cool things you can create by doing just a bit of research. Don't forget the lighting! Learn how to decorate with artificial lights and convert your porch into a functional room to entertain.

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