Choosing Outdoor Furniture for the Summer: Here are 3 Helpful Tips

Choosing Outdoor Furniture for the Summer: Here are 3 Helpful Tips

As soon as the spring sun peeks out, promising longer days and warmer nights, the desire to fill your patio with durable and good-looking furniture will intensify. The perfect outdoor space for your family will give you no reason to stay indoors this season. 

You’ve been thinking about it for a while. You’ve done the due diligence of looking for the best possible ways to style your backyard. You’ve spent several hours researching online. Your Pinterest board is swarming with ideas: different types of furniture, color themes, types of materials, and so on. So how do you organize your inspiration and choose lasting pieces that will suit your taste and lifestyle?

The Charming Bench Company team are seasoned veterans of curating the perfect patio and have shared their three most helpful tips in finding the right furniture for you and your family.

1.    Allocate a budget and stick with it

Enhancing your patio with carefully chosen pieces to complement your family’s outdoor activities can be done, all the while sticking to a budget. Ask yourself this: how much are you willing to pay for this project?

  • Create a plan and design a spending pattern according to your values. Bear in mind that budgeting is not a juggling act. If you’re doing this, then you’re in trouble. If you have set your sights on the perfect mixture of comfort and durability for your outdoor furniture because your family’s well-being and safety is your primary concern, then focus your energy in executing this plan.
    • Be resourceful in looking for pieces that perfectly fit your budget. It is possible to find inexpensive pieces that you can mix and match. You can find success buying a few best-quality pieces you can afford to combine with affordable complementary items.
      • Timing is everything. Curb spending by being smart with your choices and timing. Be on the watch for occasional sale offers.

      2.  Choose outdoor furniture according to your lifestyle

       Your family’s outdoor activities must be complemented with the best furniture that fits your lifestyle. Choose smartly by adding value to your carefully chosen items by taking into consideration functionality that fits the demands of your family’s activities and preferences.  You still want them to be comfortable, but at the same time, maximize the outdoor experience.

      • Select pool-proof patio furniture. If you and your kids love the water and have a pool installed in the backyard, make sure to get those lovely waterproof lounging chairs that are prepped for highly sanitized water. There are several durable and maintenance-free options. It will give you more time to lean back, enjoy the sun, and get the perfect tan on your new patio furniture. 
        • Make your patio ready for al fresco dining. If your get-togethers are about good food and great conversations, make room for everyone on that dining table. If you often entertain for your family, friends, and business associates, then add a movable bar with bar stools, plus folding tables and chairs, which can be brought out only when needed. 
          • Be smart with your materials. If your activities may expose your furniture to elements that can affect wear and tear, then ensure that you choose items that perfectly marries durability and maintenance.  Outdoor furniture is usually made from three primary materials: wood, synthetics, and metal. These materials require varying degrees of maintenance and care, ranging from levels of strength and mobility. A little research will go a long way.

            3.  Be consistent with your style

            Your patio should be cohesive with your indoor theme. Be careful in selecting the furniture pieces. They need not match, but find a way to infuse your indoor styling to the items you are choosing for your backyard.


            • Comfort should still be the priority over aesthetics. The ultimate goal is to achieve the perfect union of these two essential elements when choosing your furniture.
              • Embrace a unified theme for your home, inside and out. If your home has that classic and cozy country vibe with a splash of cheerful colors for accent, then walking out to your backyard should have the same fluid and interconnected style. 
                • Accessorize. Invest in a stunning focal piece proportional to the allocated space for your patio. Then accessorize with smaller pieces to match, and add a few more details to customize it according to your style and personality. 

                  Dressing up your patio is indeed an investment that the whole family will benefit from. It is a commitment to not just making it safe and comfortable for everyone, but also align with your style and functional intentions. 

                  It is an integral part of your home. Fill it with delightful moments. Design and fill it according to your preference. Your budget, lifestyle, and taste are important factors to be considered. Following these shopping tips will help you find that desired outdoor furniture for your patio.

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