Bestsellers on Spotlight: The Iconic Adirondack

Turn the spotlight on the classic Adirondack chair. It captures the essence of lazy lounging, with all of its trimmings. It is named after the Adirondack mountains, a chair that celebrates comfort and function since the 1930s until today, wherein variations of its original design have been mass-produced and lovingly welcomed in several homes.

It has three distinct features – wide armrests, tall slatted back, and low contoured seat. A chair conceptualized to fit any terrain wherever you are. The seat reclines so that you can be comfortable regardless of the slope you may be sitting on. Adirondack was first created to ensure that no matter where you are, you have a chair that can adjust to fit the terrain.

Today, it is one of the most popular porch, lawn, lake and beach lounge chairs. A reputable bestseller that aims not just to please an aching back but the thinning budget, too.

We are delighted to present the first feature on our Bestsellers: the iconic Adirondack.


Fan back Adirondack Chair 

Lean back and sink into this deeply contoured seat on this modern Adirondack lawn chair made entirely of western red cedar. Its sturdy frame and tall slatted back look inviting enough to immerse on a book the whole afternoon. A quality piece made of sturdy hardwood that can withstand harsh elements of outdoor exposure.




Adirondack Folding and Reclining Chair 

A versatile piece designed specifically for outdoor seating. Fold, pack and bring it anywhere with you. Whether you decide to go to the beach or go camping, this seat is a great companion. Pair it with an ottoman, feet up, and ease in deep slumber.




Poly Adirondack Chair Swing 


A swing that is inspired by the iconic Adirondack chair boasts of a wide slatted back with gently contoured seat. It’ll be pure bliss to swing on this lovely chair made of high-grade recycled plastic that’s durable and maintenance-free. Choose the perfect spot for this great looking swing and enhance the look of your porch or patio. 




Adirondack Swivel Bar Chair 


Get at least a couple of these bar chairs to ensure that entertaining family and friends will be cozier with extra seats available by the bar in your patio. It is made of enduring recycled plastic and built to last by skilled Amish craftsmen.




Adirondack Gliding Chair 



A glider to transform your porch into a cozy retreat for the family. Glide gently with calm and soothing music in the background. Enjoy deep relaxation and tranquility during your preferred time of the day on a chair designed to bring you comfort at every angle.





Adirondack Dining Chair



Choose this Adirondack chair and dine outdoors in style with this classic. A gorgeous piece of dining chair inspired by the classic Adirondack tall slatted back streamlined to look sleek and modern. Constructed entirely of maintenance-free recycled plastic with invisible stainless steel for joints.




Adirondack Beach Chair 


When the sun, sand, and water take over this summer, this Adirondack beach chair is your perfect companion along with the sunscreen and iced cold water.




Adirondack Folding and Reclining Chair 

A great looking rocker set to revitalize the soul and give you the most relaxing escape from a long day. It features a wide fan back, tall and slatted and a sloped seat, to make you feel you are the queen.




Adirondack Chair with Ottoman 

Wood always brings a sense of warmth and calm to any space. It is the craftsmen's poetic expression and legacy, a testament to exceptional skill and discipline. Get a hug of layers of comfort and goodness by this chair made by an enduring wood, set to be in your patio for several years.




Adirondack Classic Garden Bench 



Many find this to be the most comfortable of all flat-backed Adirondack seating. Best of all, Highwood material is an eco-friendly synthetic wood that doesn't absorb moisture and repels dirt and grime, making clean-up extra easy.



It is beneficial to get close and personal with your Adirondack chair. Get to know its material so you will be guided on how to maintain and care for them. Wood and recycled plastic are the two popular choices for this chair.

For wooden ones, you may need to stain or repaint every now and then, depending on the type of wood. Some ages beautifully and you may want to leave them be. You may also choose to add a fresh coat of outdoor paint or stain as soon as color starts to fade. Seal and protect every two years to ensure it stays in good condition.

For plastic furniture, all you need are soap and water. Use a power washer if you have it then gently apply soap with a soft cloth.

The classic look on the Adirondack chairs can be enhanced with accessories. All-weather seat cushions and pillows of different sizes, colors and textures can instantly add personality to your chair. Pair the lounging chairs with ottomans and footstools for added comfort. Set it up with side tables to easily reach for your essentials.

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