Guide to Patio Furniture Made in the USA

Guide to Patio Furniture Made in the USA

Whether the task is as simple as buying a swing bed for the patio, or perhaps furnishing and gathering enough outdoor furniture pieces for your sanctuary, buying USA patio furniture is the way to go. Luckily, you have the option of finding the time to shop at a store with a showroom, or choosing to take advantage of the digital options and shop virtually.  Let’s see what the USA has to offer in terms of outdoor living.

History of Manufacturing

The field of manufacturing has been the backbone of the US economy for over a century. The US Chamber of Commerce states that “The U.S. manufacturing sector is on the cusp of a historic revitalization—not because it’s returning to the glory days of the past, but because it’s shifting towards a bright new future of rapid advancement and innovation, and even stronger productivity and growth.” The future of manufacturing is bright and exciting, with great expectations for growth and development.

It is the same level of optimism that revolves around the American furniture industry as it accelerates to an exciting stage of development reshaped by the age of digital information with cutting-edge breakthroughs along the assembly line.

Taking a glimpse of the past of American woodworking styles, indicate several periods as style evolves. Each segment relies heavily upon the influence of the available materials of the region and the creations of English and French artisans. There are 12 influential periods of American furniture styles, although many have sub-genres that may have been favored but short-lived. Many of these periods overlap and take on territorial significance, depending on the trend of the specific region.

Periods of American Furniture 

One of the many lessons breathed from the evolution of furniture is that it eventually transitioned from being merely utilitarian to stylish. When the first settlers to the Americas set foot on land, it took them several years before they could shift their focus from solely surviving to pursuits such as furniture making.

Taking the time to understand each period is imperative in being authentic to a specific design period. It guides your creativity in designing furniture that fits within a specific segment and building heirloom pieces using traditional techniques.

  • The Early American from 1640 to 1700

During this period, American furniture design first started to extend beyond the merely practical value of the objects. Finials and raised panels, ornamental carvings, and woodturning became prominent. Cherry, pine, apple, oak, and birch woods were widely used using mortise and tenon joint varieties as joinery techniques.

  • The Colonial from 1700 to 1780 

Even though American furniture was greatly affected by the British designs, the overall style remained much more conservative. The ornaments in US furniture design were significantly less compared with those of the British. It is during the Colonial period that the dovetail joints started growing in popularity. The focus of wood used for furniture manufacturing also shifted to elm, walnut, and mahogany. Various finishes were applied over stains to wax, paint, and oil varnish.

  • The Pennsylvania Dutch from1720 to 1830 

The hallmark of the Pennsylvania Dutch Period were the manually painted decorative designs, as well as the tapered legs and straight lines of the utilitarian furniture. Oak, pine, and walnut were favored in this period.
    • The Federal from 1780 to 1820 

    Designers introduced a variety of ornamental stylings such as fluting, inlays of contrasting woods to create shapes and designs, and banding with contrasting veneers as decorative borders. The pieces of this period exhibited a graceful elegance with heavy French and English influence. Hardware was typically brass in a variety of shapes found in nature.
    • The Sheraton from 1780 to 1820

    Rich veneers and upholstery were the hallmarks of the Sheraton period. Nonetheless, dovetail joints remained quite popular. The intricate brass hardware was also one of the main characteristics of the Sheraton period, along with neoclassical ornamentation. Named after Thomas Sheraton. It was in 1791 that Thomas Sheraton published his notorious designs in his book “The Cabinet Makers and Upholsterer’s Drawing Book.”
    • The American Empire from 1800 to 1840 

    The French design managed to gain a greater impact than the influence of the British furniture design that used to dominate during the earlier periods of American furniture. The emblems of the American Empire period include carved legs that ended up with claw feet or paws. Nevertheless, curved arms were also highly influential. Dark wood became the most favored during this period.
    • The Shaker from 1820 to 1860 

    The Shaker period of furniture design was named after a religious movement of the time, and it focused on simple and utilitarian pieces. The furniture in this style is mainly made up of straight lines, woven or cane seats, and basic turned wooden knobs.
    • The Victorian Period from 1840 to 1910

    Named after the Queen of England, Victoria is a period highly characterized by distinct tapestry seats. The rich upholstery complemented beautifully the ornate carvings. The proportions were heavy and further accentuated the formal Victorian style. Rosewood was preferred for inlaying white oak, black walnut, ash, and maple were popular for production.
    • The Arts and Craft/Mission from 1880 to1920

    This is a more simplistic and subdued era in sharp contrast to that of the previous one. Even though luxury leather was the most widely-spread upholstery, it was used for practical reasons, and not for the sake of the artistic attributes of the design. Shellac and wax, as well as lacquer, served to provide the peculiarly smooth surface of the furniture.
    • The Art Nouveau from 1890 to 1910 

    The hallmark of Art Nouveau furniture was inspired by the merging of craftsmanship and nature, featuring organic shapes and vividly curved lines. Nevertheless, the upholstery was marked by the application of linen, velvet, leather, as well as tapestries.
    • The Traditional Revival from 1920 to 1950 

    The Traditional Revival period was a revival of earlier periods, primarily Colonial and Federal periods. Period furniture relied on intricate inlays and veneers along with shapely turnings to decorate what were primarily straight lines. Nostalgia is definitely not new. This period was soaked with the artistic hunger and curiosity of furniture designers who looked back to the past periods of American furniture for inspiration.
    • The Modern and Post-Modern from 1950 to Present 

    The contemporary era serves as a reflection of the present and future, not the past. It is a blend of old and new and has its own unique style that reflects the contemporary lifestyle. Modern furniture designs endeavors novelty, originality, and technical innovation and ultimately conveyed the present and the future, rather than what had gone before it as revival styles had done. This interest in new and innovative materials and methods produced a particular blending of the disciplines of technology and art. Furthermore, the materials used in the making of various pieces of furniture also expanded tremendously. Metal and plastics started to appear more frequently, and molded plywood also earned a place in the spotlights of the furniture industry.

      Why Charming Bench Chooses to Furniture Made in the USA 

      Our U.S.-based artisans specialize in crafting beautiful, long-lasting furniture for your outdoor space. Be ready to enjoy your new furniture in no time with the assurance that it's designed and produced by a highly skilled labor force and American furniture manufacturers. If you're looking for furniture that will help you create the perfect outdoor space, look no further.

      You can enjoy shopping with confidence knowing that every product we offer is of the highest quality. Our customers are loyal and our customer service is second to none. We are consumers like you, and the mindset is to get the best value for each dollar we spend. Don’t you spend a few extra minutes, even hours looking for the perfect bench or the best swing for the porch?

      With American-made outdoor furniture, you are assured of quality hardwoods, recycled plastic, or metal, and all other materials being used in manufacturing the furniture have undergone a rigid process to meet the standards set by law. You are not only purchasing a superior product that will stand the test of time, but you are also buying an outstanding piece of furniture with a reliable warranty.

      That is why American furniture purchases are perfect when you are getting ready to make a sizable investment into an heirloom dining room set that needs to last through your grandchildren.

      Difference in Quality in American Made

      Meet some of our US Manufacturers 

      A & L Furniture 

      "Makers of high quality Indoor & Outdoor Furniture Handcrafted by exceptional Amish artisans from Redesburg, Pennsylvania."

      They are known for superior quality and durable construction of indoor and outdoor furniture pieces made in the USA by Amish craftsmen from Rebersburg, Pennsylvania. From the playroom to the patio, its chairs, tables, and gliders are meant to have a long-term presence and boast classical designs that are truly timeless. So invest in rustic staples that will provide you with happy memories for years to come.

      A & L Furniture is a local brand that celebrates enduring woodworking tradition resulting in classic and timeless furniture. Each piece in their patio furniture collection is selected for its unique, natural wood grain, making every handiwork an heirloom piece for your family. Using hydraulic- and pneumatic-powered woodworking tools and wood hand-selected for each furniture piece, and goes through a rigid process to meet quality standards.


        "Discover endless luxury with Luxcraft. Enjoy season after season of comfort and style with LuxCraft's quality design and craftsmanship."

      Began as a small business in the corner of a barn, exclusively manufacturing outdoor wood furniture, founded in 1990. In the years that followed, as LuxCraft’s product line expanded to include poly furniture and outdoor structures, our facilities and dealer base grew accordingly. Products are produced with an emphasis on durability and longevity, with an affordable price point. Best of all, LuxCraft products are made in Ohio, USA.

      What sets it apart from other outdoor product manufacturers? Quality takes priority, and all furniture and structures are built to last. LuxCraft is a great American success story that every aspiring entrepreneur can take inspiration from. Its owner, Brian Mullet, whose humble beginnings started by building picnic tables during evenings while maintaining a day job in Skyland at Sugarcreek.

      Moon Valley Rustic Furniture 

      Tete-a-Tete Swing A-Frame by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture

      "Make everyday a vacation! Unique, handcrafted Cedar Furniture made in Michigan with Cedar grown in the USA"

      This local brand manufactures quality outdoor furniture with the same care and pride for more than 90 years, a family-owned business since it started in 1928. Their goal is to continually improve product quality and customer service while achieving controlled growth. Total control of the furniture-making process maintains the standard of materials and craftsmanship. Manufacturing equipment is custom-built to cater to the furniture's uniqueness. All products are made in Monroe, Michigan.

      Longing for a home filled with the warmth and charm of rustic log furniture? We have the perfect furniture for you, and it's handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen.

      The combination of quality materials and exceptional workmanship is what makes Moon Valley Rustic Furniture unique. Today, it has grown into producing a full line of incredible outdoor and indoor furniture using exceptional quality northern white cedar and ponderosa pine. Furniture is still constructed as it was done in 1928, with quality and pride.

      Creekvine Designs

      Red Cedar Savannah English Garden Bench by Creekvine Designs

      "Unique designs for everyday! A wide selection of premium furniture and structure for your everyday customer."

      A wholesale business from Gibsonia, Pennsylvania commits to providing superior craftsmanship of everyday furniture and accessories for the home, garden, and leisure industry. It aims to redefine quality, service, and innovation and has endeavored to do so for more than a decade. It also endeavors to extend personalized customer service and realize the goal of making its customers feel extra special.

      Creekvine Designs offers a wide variety of options for retailers and catalogs, whether they are looking for a prefabricated design or an exclusive tailor-made piece. Purchase our handcrafted selections in individual pieces, or buyers can receive discounted pricing by ordering in large quantities. In all cases, customers receive the highest quality, fair prices, and unsurpassed customer service.

      Best Selling Made in America Furniture 

      You deserve to experience the beauty and quality of patio furniture made in the USA. We're proud to showcase a selection of featured products among the top brands with the finest quality and craftsmanship proudly made in the USA. We want you to be proud to show off your outdoor living space, whether that be your new favorite patio chairs or your patio furniture covers!

      1. VersaLoft Mission Hanging Daybed with Rope by A & L Furniture

      Swing your stress away with this hanging daybed, proudly made in the USA by Amish artisans from Pennsylvania! Choose the perfect spot to hang this daybed and transform it into a cozy nook as your retreat, a quiet and peaceful corner to regain composure. Outdoor furnishings never looked so good!

      2. Marlboro Red Cedar Swing Bed by A & L Furniture

      Take it to another level, and hang the A & L Furniture Marlboro Red Cedar Swing Bed on your patio and make it float defying gravity. It's visually breathtaking, dreamy, and the definition of luxury patio furniture. It'll be the perfect patio outdoor sanctuary you've been dreaming about for quite some time. This piece is truly the perfect combination of patio swing, chaise lounge, and outdoor sofa. Plus, it comes with cushions that are made from a weatherproof material, so you’re truly good to go.

      3. 4ft Adirondack Swing by LuxCraft

      The LuxCraft Adirondack Swing is easy to assemble and maintain. With a backrest and high-quality materials, it's the perfect place to relax with friends, family, or enjoy nature. Plus, this beautiful swing combines the popular Adirondack chair with a perfectly gliding swing, making it the ideal piece of patio or garden furniture.

      It is perfect for family dinners out back on your deck or patio right in the middle of nature. Constructed using durable 100% recycled plastic and stainless steel hardware, this octagon-shaped picnic bench is not only timeless but maintenance-free.

      5. Tete-a-Tete Swing A-Frame by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture

      Dedicate this cozy corner to that one person who has your affection. Our Tete-a-Tete Swing A-Frame by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture, handcrafted from the finest quality Northern White Cedar, offers the same romantic flair every porch swing offers.

      6. Outdoor Lawn Swing A-Frame by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture

      Outdoor Lawn Swing A-Frame by Moon Valley Rustic Furniture

      Crafted in Michigan from high-quality Northern White Cedar, this lawn swing adds rustic charm to your home. Proudly made in America, Moon Valley furniture features the highest quality log swings available.

      7. Red Cedar Savannah English Garden Bench by Creekvine Designs 

      Red Cedar Savannah English Garden Bench by Creekvine Designs

      You may think that ‘Southern English' is a curious combination, but the Red Cedar Savannah English Garden Bench by Creekvine Designs represents the best of both cultures. These benches are a huge hit among many homes, as they showcase the true spirit of outdoor seating, versatile, functional, and comfortable.

      8. Cedar Royal Country Hearts Porch Swing with Stand by Creekvine Designs

      Cedar Royal Country Hearts Porch Swing with Stand by Creekvine Designs

      The Cedar Royal Country Hearts Porch Swing with Stand by Creekvine Designs is an attractive, durable swing for you and your loved ones to enjoy. This swing and stand are made from quality Western Red Cedar with rounded and sanded edges. Just add some outdoor pillows and settle in (a fire pit wouldn’t hurt, either)!


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