Guide to Buying Amish Patio Furniture

Guide to Buying Amish Patio Furniture

Buying Amish patio furniture is a simple process. The modern Amish community maintains the same traditions as their ancestors, focusing on simple methods while avoiding the complications of the contemporary world. Applying those same principles to furniture making, the Amish artisans use simple techniques that work.

The Amish people have a long tradition of creating furniture that lasts. They pass down their skills from generation to generation, taking pride in their work and never taking shortcuts to save time or money. It means you can be confident that the pieces they create will last for decades.

Unlike mass-produced furniture, you don’t have to worry about Amish furniture coming unglued or falling apart, thanks to the proven construction practices. Those practices aren’t going to change any time soon, either. Amish outdoor furniture brings with it the time-tested manufacturing practices of the group. Whether you buy now or in 10 years, you know the quality will always be consistent. Let’s take a look at the furniture that is made in Amish country.

History of Amish Furniture

The Amish migrants arrived in America from Europe in the 1700s to break away from the Mennonites. They brought the value of simplicity, hard work, and harmony with nature, which is apparent in their craftsmanship. The Amish do not reject all technology. Instead, they use technology selectively and consider the tools that will serve their community rather than negatively impact their culture. There are approximately 330,000 Amish adults and children living in North America today.

Emergence of Amish Furniture Timeline

  • 1737-1770 - The Amish families, originally from the Netherlands, immigrated to North America. They settled in the new world and used their skills in woodworking to create houses and furniture.
  • 1774 - It's fascinating to think that a small community of English religious radicals from the 1700s, known as Shakers, became the inspiration for Amish furniture. Their simple designs influenced the style of Amish craftsmanship in America.
  • 1790s - The Amish at Jonestown School in Pennsylvania began making painted blanket chests in the early 1800s. They became so widely known that later, they were inducted into the Smithsonian Museum.
  • 1830 - New Amish furniture style can now be seen from Soap Hollow School in Pennsylvania. Featuring stencil-painted embellishments in dark red, gold, and black.
  • 1862 - The most renowned Amish cabinet maker of his time, Henry Lapp was born in 1883 in a heavily Amish township. His plain style has redefined the way that Amish furniture is made.
  • 1898 - Mission style furniture originated in the 1800s in the United States as a heavy, dark furniture style. The Amish later adopted this style as their own, creating an updated, lighter version of it.
  • 1920s - An American folk culture revival popularizes Amish furniture, which is prized for its durability and handcrafted simplicity. Demand escalates for traditional styles such as Shaker and Mission furniture.
  • 1987 - The Grand Rapids Art Museum's American Arts and Craft exhibit is highlighting the revival of a movement that had its heyday in the 1920s. The second revival in Amish furniture-making has risen from a demand for quality pieces.
  • 2003 - A digital marketing strategy has taken a new approach to Amish-made furniture by selling online.
  • 2006-2008 - The Amish furniture industry is in a strong position, with 71% of furniture makers expanding their businesses.

    A Growing Business Opportunity

    All the same, the Amish have seen a high degree of financial success. Multi-million dollar firms are not uncommon, and there has been an influx to Amish society over the past decades. Some Amish are concerned about how this will affect the egalitarian Amish community in the long run.

    More than 200 Amish craft shops and hundreds of furniture makers operate today in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. More than 10% of hardwood lumber in US furniture production is constructed into an item of Amish furniture. And Amish woodworkers use an estimated 44 million board feet of hardwood lumber each year, with the standard based on benchmarks, ensuring that the pieces you are taking home went through rigorous quality control.

      Where it is Made in the USA

      Support Amish Workers with Furniture Made in the USA

      Amish patio furniture is a popular choice among homeowners for its traditional, rustic, and simplistic styles. Made completely of wood with no particle board or laminate, Amish-made furniture is an excellent choice for those who want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is handmade and made from wood, without any particle board or laminate. The styles are traditional and are mostly found in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio.

      You also know who benefits from the sale of the furniture. The hardworking Amish communities that craft the furniture from quality materials sustain themselves with the sales. Amish patio furniture proceeds compensate the people who handcraft the pieces instead of a large corporation churning out piece after piece. By supporting the Amish communities in America, you ensure those furniture makers have the means to continue producing quality pieces for all to enjoy.

      Amish Communities in the USA

      The Amish are peaceful and private people who live in communities throughout the United States and Canada. There are more than 330,000 Amish living in North America. The largest population of the Amish is in Ohio, followed by Pennsylvania and Indiana. Today, the Amish are found in 31 states as well as Canada. Ohio has the largest Amish population, followed by Pennsylvania and Indiana.

      According to the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies, the population has risen from 5,000 in 1920 to June 2020 at 350,665. And much of that growth has occurred in the last three decades. The explosion in population is due to their enormous family sizes (an average of seven children) and high Amish church member retention rate of 80%. Many children are organized, disciplined, and put to work on the farmland to help further excel in the Amish community.

      The family is the most important social unit in the Amish sect. They have large families with an average of 7-10 children. The chores are traditionally divided between males and females, with the men usually working the farm and the women doing the washing, cleaning, cooking, and household chores. Usually, the father is considered the head of the household.

      Handmade Amish Furniture


      An Amish rocking chair might hold stories of generations of babies that have been rocked to sleep. A dining table might remind you of family events and get-togethers. With it comes the many memories and stories your family creates around the furniture. Then it becomes even more meaningful when you acquire pieces of furniture that you fill your homes with, knowing that each piece of wood or plastic has been skillfully and diligently pieced together by Amish artisans.

      The Amish approach to producing quality furniture is a one-piece-at-a-time process that ensures the pieces fit together beautifully and are strong, durable, and beautiful. After building the output, it's given a meticulous hand-staining for a rich, quality finish. This process ensures that the product is consistent, even application or free from scratches.

      Just like any piece of cherished art, Amish patio furniture becomes an heirloom for your family to pass from one generation to the next. With that comes the many memories and stories your family creates around the furniture. The handcrafted quality of Amish-made furniture is beyond the reliability of the product. Because each piece is produced by hand, a work of art for you to showcase. It brings the best of both worlds: the quality of handcrafted furniture, but with a price, you can afford.

      The Styles of Amish Furniture

      All Amish furniture carries a timeless design, but that doesn’t mean it all looks the same. Amish furniture often comes in a few different styles.

      Shaker-style Amish Furniture

      This is a style that features clean lines for a balanced, even look. Expect to see straight angles and lines throughout the design. Parallel slats often build those straight lines while adding strength to the piece. Exposed joinery gives you a glimpse at the quality craftsmanship that goes into each furniture piece. Mortise and tenon joints are common. Unlike the wood knobs of Shaker-style Amish furniture, Mission pieces often incorporate black, metal, or diamond-shaped knobs. Another difference is the typically darker stains found on Mission furniture.

      Mission-style Amish Furniture

      This features clean lines for a balanced, even look. Expect to see straight angles and lines throughout the design. Parallel slats often build those straight lines while adding strength to the piece. Exposed joinery gives you a glimpse at the quality craftsmanship that goes into each furniture piece. Mortise and tenon joints are common. Unlike the wood knobs of Shaker-style Amish furniture, Mission pieces often incorporate black, metal, or diamond-shaped knobs. Another difference is the typically darker stains found on Mission furniture.

      Difference in Quality

      Patio Furniture Pieces for Durability and Natural Beauty

      The Amish artisans who build patio furniture hand select the best pieces of wood to create quality, beautiful creations. They wait until the wood reaches ideal maturity to maximize the strength and quality of the material, which translates to higher-quality furniture. You won’t find veneer, particleboard, or other composite wood products in Amish furniture pieces. Instead, you’ll discover natural hardwood meant to last.

      What are the most commonly used types of hardwood used by Amish craftsmen? High-quality oak, cherry, pine, and maple are some of the most widely used for Amish patio furniture.

      Not sure why using hardwood matters? Here are a few reasons:

      • Exquisite Wood Grain

      When you want a piece of furniture that will be beautiful for years to come, settle for nothing less than genuine wood construction. A hardwood finish ensures a stunning design, and nothing compares to the beauty of the wood grain, which is difficult to replicate.

      • Unique Designs

      When you buy Amish-made furniture, you know that each piece is unique. The cherry and oak wood offer natural wood grain and coloring variations that make every piece one-of-a-kind.
        • Quality That Lasts

        Hardwood is a durable and natural material with a variety of uses. When properly prepared and maintained, it can last for decades without damage to make it look old. Amish patio furniture requires minimal maintenance down the years, making it a wise investment.

            Choose Furniture That Is Environmentally Friendly

            Most of today's furniture is made in factories with huge carbon footprints, polluting the Earth. The Amish patio furniture you buy is carefully and expertly crafted by a team of artisans. Hydraulic and pneumatic tools take the place of the pollution-churning factories, minimizing the impact on the environment. The furniture makers don’t drive motor vehicles to the workshop, either, which prevents additional pollution.

            Amish furniture is not only beautiful, but it's also environmentally friendly. The Amish artisans who handcraft the furniture don't use electricity because of their religious beliefs, which means that Amish furniture is a climate-friendly choice. They use real wood products instead of composite woods for a more natural product. Locally grown hardwood supplies the material for Amish furniture, minimizing transportation needs.

            Responsible harvesting practices further protect the environment. The Amish communities plant new trees to replace the ones they harvest. Varnish products used in Amish furniture typically contain a low VOC level, making it a healthier option for your home. It is an environmentally-friendly varnish option that maintains the quality of your furniture with almost no hazardous air pollutants.

            Amish Poly Furniture Further Protects the Environment

            While you’ll see a great deal of solid hardwood used in Amish furniture, you’ll also see Amish patio furniture made using Amish-crafted poly lumber. Poly outdoor furniture is made out of premium recycled plastic HDPE, which is guaranteed weather-proof, low-maintenance, and fade-resistant. Outdoor poly furniture is a great alternative to solid wood furniture and gives you the reassurance that you are not contributing to the production of plastic.

            Best Selling Amish Made Furniture

            Here at The Charming Bench Company, we proudly present our customer favorite Amish patio furniture roster, evidenced by repeat buyers and fantastic customer feedback. Invest in enduring and durable pieces guaranteed to last generations, designed essentially to blend among several decades of trending designs by accessorizing. Fill your home with quality outdoor furniture which celebrates the exceptional woodworking skills of Amish-made patio furniture.

            1. VersaLoft Mission Hanging Daybed with Rope

            You deserve a break! Swing your stress away with this hanging daybed.

            The VersaLoft Mission Hanging Daybed with Rope by A & L Furniture is made from knot-free, southern yellow pine handcrafted by Amish woodworkers from Pennsylvania, recognized for their excellent artistry and quality products. You can easily match it with your patio styling, using a variety of paint and stain choices.

            2. Amish Hickory Porch Swing

            The handcrafted, authentic design is built from tough, sturdy hickory wood and will bring you to a place of calm and deep relaxation. Experience the rustic charm of the handcrafted Amish exceptional craftsmanship. Built from tough, sturdy Hickory wood, each swing crafted will have its own rich and unique grain and character. Get the best of all worlds with our Amish Hickory Porch Swing by A & L Furniture.

            3. 5′ Poly Grandpa Swing

            For a growing family who loves to swing together, what's a porch without a grandpa swing? We are proud to present the Hershy Way 5 ft. Poly Grandpa Porch Swing. This American-made swing will be a beautiful addition to your porch or patio. We use 100% recycled material for its construction and then top it off with a natural finish.

            4. Yellow Pine Fanback Garden Bench 

            This classic wooden outdoor bench exudes a vintage vibe with its clean and precise slatted lines, set to charm guests to take the time to sit. Skillfully hand-made by our Amish artisans in Pennsylvania, with the use of exceptional yellow pine. A durable and great-looking garden is essential to your family’s enjoyment while sharing meaningful conversations, and a high-quality bench with beautiful color is sure to complete it.

            5. Cedar Pergola Swing Bed Stand by A & L Furniture

            A wooden pergola is a stunning structure that will transform your garden into an extraordinary outdoor sanctuary. This beautiful, romantic-style archway is crafted from Western Red Cedar for its sturdy framework and posts. Featuring a wooden structure that boasts Amish artisans' exceptional workmanship, providing dimension and beauty to your garden. It is a durable and enduring product, consisting of headers, trellis, and purlins.

            6. Red Cedar Traditional Backless Bench

            Dine with nature in relaxed comfort with this rustic-style wooden picnic bench. The bench features wooden slats for its thick and spacious seat, highlighted by its A-frame legs complete with braces and stretchers to ensure incredible support. Complement your outdoor dining table with a finely crafted Red Cedar Traditional Backless Bench by A & L Furniture, hand-built by our Amish artisans in Pennsylvania.

            7. Yellow Pine Traditional Picnic Table with 2 Benches

            Yellow Pine Traditional Picnic Table with 2 Benches by A & L Furniture

            This grand picnic table set will give a delightful personality to your lanai or veranda, highlighted by its A-frame base complete with braces and stretchers offering firm support. Skillfully handcrafted by our Amish artisans in Pennsylvania, this dining set is made with untreated knot-free southern yellow pine for long-lasting durability. An outdoors dining must-have that will last many years for your family to enjoy.

            8. Yellow Pine Traditional English Style Porch Swing

            Yellow Pine Traditional English Style Porch Swing by A & L Furniture

            Add a touch of classic charm to your porch with the Yellow Pine Traditional English Style Porch Swing by A & L Furniture. With a long, slatted design and a solid foundation, this outdoor swing bench is made to withstand the elements while providing you with a relaxing experience. This porch swing is made using durable and knot-free Yellow Pine by our Amish artisans of Pennsylvania. Coat each piece of slatted wood with outdoor paint, and this piece of incredible furniture can withstand the potential harsh weather elements.

            9. Western Red Cedar Modern Adirondack Chair

            Western Red Cedar Modern Adirondack Chair by A & L Furniture

            Get a hug of layers of comfort and goodness by this chair made of enduring wood, set to be on your patio for several years. Lean back and sink comfortably into this deeply contoured seat on this Western Red Cedar Modern Adirondack Chair. A high-quality piece made of Western Red Cedar, a sturdy hardwood that can withstand harsh elements of outdoor exposure. This is proudly American-made, handcrafted by Amish artisans designed and built to last.

            10. Poly Folding Adirondack Chair with 2 Cupholders

            Poly Folding Adirondack Chair with 2 Cupholders by A & L Furniture

            Fold, load it into your car and take it with you to the beach, lake, or by the campsite while roasting smores around the fire. This chair is your best company for those long warm days under the sun and cool nights under the stars. This is another classic masterpiece by Amish artisans of Pennsylvania from A & L Furniture.

            Why should you buy an Amish patio furniture?


            Choosing Amish crafted furniture is an easy decision to make. From the values that represent this religious community, you know that the product and the transaction are honest, authentic, and high-quality. Every wooden slat and each piece of recycled plastic bolted together to represent not just a skill but a tradition, too, depicting a way of life handed down from generation to generation.

            With environmentalists clamoring for clean energy and responsible construction practices, the Amish way aims to use as much wood as possible, producing little to no waste during the production process. Because the furniture offers such high quality and lasting use, choosing Amish furniture means you won’t have to replace it soon. It keeps old and broken furniture out of the landfill, further supporting Mother Nature and nurturing a healthy environment.


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