Moon Valley Rustic Furniture

Moon Valley Rustic Furniture manufactures quality outdoor furniture with the same care and pride for more than 90 years, a family-owned business since it started in 1928. Moon Valley's goal is to continually improve product quality and customer service while achieving controlled growth. Total control of the furniture-making process maintains the standard of materials and craftsmanship. Manufacturing equipment is custom-built to cater to the furniture's uniqueness. All products are made in Monroe, Michigan.

Moon Valley Rustic Furniture, prioritizes providing exceptional customer service. Marketing strategies focus on creating a network of independent businesses as dealers, excellent experts in sales, and furniture distribution. Developing a lasting and mutually profitable relationship with these business owners results from direct and constant collaboration. This collaborative relationship translates into knowledgeable dealers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increase in profitability of rustic outdoor furniture.

Moon Valley Rustic Furniture today, has grown into producing a full line of the incredible outdoor and indoor furniture using exceptional quality northern white cedar and ponderosa pine. Both species are superior choices for furniture because of their beauty, practicality, and durability. Classic styling and sturdy dowelled construction make our furniture a lasting investment that you will treasure for many years. At Moon Valley, furniture is still constructed as it was done in 1928, with quality and pride.