Best Wooden Garden Benches Guide: Pine, Cedar and Teak

Best Wooden Garden Benches Guide: Pine, Cedar and Teak

A bench is a welcome feature in a garden. It provides a comfortable place for resting and admiring the surroundings, plus there are many other ways in which it can be useful. Garden benches are more than just furniture. If it's well-placed, a bench can make a huge difference in your garden.

When choosing the material for your bench, natural wood should be the first option to consider. You have several options in the market as to which natural wood will work best outdoors and factoring in your preference in aesthetics, style, functionality, maintenance, and how much you are willing to spend.

What type of wood would you like to buy for your bench? Here at The Charming Bench Company, we are proud to employ an extensive collection with our Garden Benches - Pine, Cedar, and Teak are three of the most popular among our customers. These three types of natural wood embody great value in terms of price, design, and quality. 


1. Why choose Pine for your garden bench?

Pressure-treated outdoor pine is naturally strong, dense, and resistant to wear, making it ideal for structures that can bear weight and are continuously used, like outdoor furniture.

Pine grows in abundance in the US and is widely available, which helps keep the price down.

Outdoor pine has a light natural color that ranges from golden yellow to tan. Its wood grain is relatively straight, making it a good candidate for stain or paint. Pine outdoor furniture is beautiful, both stained or unfinished, but staining it will promote longevity.

Log Deck Bench

A garden bench you will surely love! It's the perfect place to relax and chat; this two-person bench will surely be the place to catch up on the day's events or leisurely watch the sunset and unwind. Meticulously crafted by the artisans of Montana Woodworks, this log deck bench will last for generations to come.

The Montana Collection features solid, US-grown wood and genuine lodge pole pine accents that are skip peeled by hand with old-fashioned draw knives for a one-of-a-kind look you will be proud to own. Made in Montana, USA!

What are they saying?
From Debra Hidalgo:
"Quality piece!
"This bench is very well made, easy to assemble,
and looks great on our front porch.
Highly recommend to anyone looking for a
quality piece of outdoor furniture."


Why do we love this?
  • Sale! Buy this at only $ 587.00! Save $ 31.00! (Limited time only)
  • Hand Crafted in Montana, USA
  • Solid, US Grown Genuine Lodgepole Pinewood
  • Heirloom Quality & Durable Build, Fit and Finish
  • Each Piece Signed By The Artisan Who Makes It
  • Great for Outdoor Use with 20 Year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions: 52"W x 30"D x 37"H & Weight: 80lbs

    Glacier Country Half Log Plank Bench  

    This exceptional half log bench with back and arms makes an impressive statement on a rustic-inspired yard by the cabin. It is as comfortable as it is sturdy. Handcrafted seamlessly using an entire log sawn lengthwise, the artisans fashion each bench with an attentive eye toward style and detail.

    Artisans remove the log's outer bark using old-fashioned draw knives while leaving the inner cambium layer intact for increased texture and contrast. The process is completed in a professional eight-step process, applying stain and lacquer to make it outdoor ready. Dark, rich hues and tones look extraordinary on this wood.

    What are they saying?
    From Reyna B.

    "Love it!
    Very unique and a conversation piece.
    Solid and exactly as is in the picture.
    Sits low and really sets off a large mural."

    Why do we love this?
    • Proudly Handcrafted in Montana USA!
    • Solid, US-grown genuine lodge pole pine wood
    • Unique, one-of-a-kind Glacier Country Style.  & Heirloom Quality
    • Durable Build, Fit and Finish
    • Each Piece Signed By The Artisan Who Makes It
    • Approved for Outdoor Use
    • 20 Year Limited Warranty

    Glacier Country Half Log Bench with Back & Arms 

    The Glacier Country Half Log Plank Bench with added back & arms is an enduring bench that can be passed on for several generations made entirely of US-grown genuine lodge pole pine wood. Handcrafted diligently using an entire log sawn lengthwise, the artisans at Montana Woodworks customizes each bench skillfully.

    Every piece is unique, skillfully built to last, and patterned as a piece of art. The seat height is 18" while the approximate seat depth is 10", although there may be some variation due to the logs. Its weight capacity is 500 pounds, and you will receive it at your doorstep fully assembled.

    What are they saying?
    From M Scrappy:

    "Beautiful and just what I wanted!
    I was looking for benches similar to those found on porches
    of NPS lodges and other park areas.
    They are heavy, sturdy, and beautifully finished such that
    the wood is protected from the elements and
    your skin is protected from splinters."

    Why do we love this?
    • Sale! Buy this at only $ 909.99! Save $ 389.01! (Limited time only)
    • Proudly Handcrafted in Montana USA!
    • Solid, US-grown genuine lodge pole pine wood
    • Each Bench is Unique, One-of-a-kind Glacier Country style
    • Heirloom Quality & Durable Build, Fit and Finish
    • Each Piece Signed By The Artisan Who Makes It
    • Solid genuine lodge pole pine
    • Approved for Outdoor Use & has a 20-Year Limited Warranty

    Yellow Pine Fanback Garden Bench

    The Yellow Pine Fanback Garden Bench is a beautiful bench designed to compliment any porch or garden. Skillfully hand-made by our Amish artisans in Pennsylvania, with the use of quality Yellow Pine. A durable and great-looking garden is essential that your family will enjoy sitting on while sharing meaningful conversations.

    This classic traditional wooden bench exudes a vintage, rustic vibe with its clean and precise slatted lines, set to charm guests to pause and sit for a few minutes. Crafted using knot-free Yellow Pinewood for its sturdy frame and legs, its striking design and excellent wood finish can brighten a room.

    Why do we love this?

    • Choose the perfect size for you: 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft
    • This beautiful bench will complement any seating area
    • Solid Knotfree Yellow Pine
    • Proudly Handcrafted in the USA
    • Use: Indoors/Outdoors

    Yellow Pine Traditional Backed Bench 

    A solid traditional Amish-style dining bench handcrafted from Southern Yellow Pine that is knot-free for long-lasting durability. An outdoors dining must-have for your family to enjoy. Highlighted by its classic, vintage rustic aesthetic, its A-frame base, complete with stretchers and braces, offers firm and powerful support.

    This garden bench is indeed visually charming, adding warmth and coziness to the garden without overpowering the natural beauty of the plants. With its natural unstained finish, it highlights how gorgeous its exotic wood grains are. Choose from our wide range of paints and stain finishes matching your style theme.

    What are they saying?
    From Joan:
    "Great Bench! Everyone loves this bench.
    Looks great and is not too big, which is what I was looking for.
    Easy to put together. I am very, very happy."

    Why do we love this?
    • Very comfortable back
    • Handcrafted in the USA
    • Solid Knotfree Yellow Pine
    • Material: Solid Knotfree Yellow Pine
    • Use: Indoors/Outdoors


    2. Why choose Cedar for your garden bench?

    Outdoor cedar furniture displays shades of warm reddish-brown in its heartwood, with creamy yellow sapwood that can run right through the heartwood in streaks. These bronze-red highlights & tones combined with cedar's relatively straight grain and medium texture can easily contribute to an outdoorsy, rustic look.

    Cedar furniture gives off a distinct scent that the bugs dislike. While it's generally pleasant for most humans, it repels bugs. It's the natural oils present in cedar wood that produces the scent.

    Cedarwood has fungal properties that naturally resist rot and decay. Cedar is ideal for humid climates.

    Western Red Cedar Traditional English Garden Bench

    The Western Red Cedar Traditional English Garden Bench is a lovely companion for your garden. Finely handcrafted from the high-quality Red Cedarwood in the USA, this garden bench is sure to last many years given proper care.

    Its wood slats are innate to stunning wood grain patterns, highlighted by its eye-catching vertical clean lines, the wood's natural beauty makes an impressive visual for your garden or entryway. Featuring an upright armrest connected to its legs supporting a sturdy frame, the spacious and contoured seat that extends to its rolled front offers satisfying comfort and a very relaxing feel.

    Finely crafted bench with exceptional durability, an incredible spot to gather with loved ones, chat and catch up for hours, and laugh loudly at life's series of misadventures.

    Why do we love this?
    • This beautiful bench will complement any seating area!
    • Proudly Handcrafted in the USA by Amish Artisans!
    • Made of Premium Grade Western Red Cedar
    • A versatile bench that can be used Indoors/Outdoors!
    • Choose the best size for you: 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft
    • Choose from an array of exotic stain finishes 

       Western Red Cedar Garden Bench

      A finely handcrafted garden bench to complement gorgeous landscaping in the backyard. It is entirely made with Western Red Cedar, a highly dependable wood that is rot and decay resistant, making it the perfect material for outdoor furniture.

      This cedar bench features a gently curved seat and a slightly eased backrest, which offers a comfortable sitting experience. Its sturdy frame assures the user safe and enjoyable extended hours of relaxation. There is enough room to put your feet up during extra-long days in the garden.

      What are they saying?
      From Elizabeth Cook:

      "Good value!
      We are happy with the bench.
      The only complaint is that it was more work
      to put together than we expected."

      Why do we love this?
      • Premium Western Red Cedar
      • Sanded Finish and Sanded/Routed Edges
      • Handcrafted for snug-fitting parts
      • Built to last & endure several years of constant exposure outdoors
      • Rot & Decay Resistant Untreated Western Red Cedar
      • Its Gently Curved Seat and Eased Back Offers Years of Sitting Enjoyment


        3. Why choose Teak for your garden bench?

        Teak is quite an investment when it comes to price. It is known for its unbelievable strength and durability. Teak is a hardwood. It is robust and powerful, able to withstand extremes of heat and cold, and is an all-weather, and low maintenance type of wood.

        The color and grain of teak wood make it one of the most attractive to furniture makers and homeowners. While outdoor teak furniture can be left to the elements and become an elegant silver-grey color, teak used for indoor purposes is often oiled to retain its warm golden color.

        The natural benefits of teak, strength, durability, warm color, and resistance to termites, or other damaging elements, make it an exceptionally adaptable wood. It contains natural oils that make it naturally resist rot and decay. Your outdoor bench will last for a very long time and will most likely outlive all other outdoor furniture in your collection.

        Teak Sahara 2-Seater Bench

        The Sahara 2-Seater Bench is a classic teak patio bench designed for comfort that will never go out of style, but blends with any décor or setting. With contoured seating and curved back support, we have made subtle but careful design changes to ensure an excellent seating experience.

        Made from genuine Grade-A Teak, it is sanded smooth without any finish in its natural form and color.

        Why do we love this?
        • Beautiful "curve back styling"
        • Teak outdoor furniture with premium quality products.
        • 2 Years Warranty
        • Material: A-Grade Teak Solid Wood
        • Use: Outdoors
        • Dimensions: 36"H x 47"W x 26.5"D
        • Weight: 63lbs 

           Marlborough 2-Seater Bench

          The Marlborough 2-Seater Bench is a timeless classic faithfully reproduced from the designs of Sir Edwin Lutyens, one of Britain's most noted architects. The sloping arches and fully scrolled arms are designed to complement and enhance its natural surroundings at any time of year.

          Rain or shine, the Marlborough will embrace any location and impress all who behold it. We have made subtle but careful design changes to ensure excellent back support. Made from Genuine Grade-A Teak, it is sanded smooth without any finish in its natural form and color, the perfect material for weathering the outdoors.

          Why do we love this?
          • Teak outdoor furniture with premium quality products.
          • 2 Years Warranty
          • Material: A-Grade Teak Solid Wood
          • Perfect for Outdoors Use
          • Dimensions: 41"H x 66"W x 25"D, Seat Height - 17", Cushions Seat 2 1/4" thickness
          • Weight: 74lbs
          • Finish: Natural Unstained Finish

          Curve Love Seat Bench

          As a bonus, we’re including the Curve Love Seat Bench by Anderson Teak. Curved benches are a perfect option for your outdoor garden space and truly serve as a statement piece. This teak garden bench has a curved back that runs the entire length of the bench and is sanded completely smooth without compromising on its peanut-style design.

          Plus, this wood bench has the option of including waterproof Sunbrella fabric cushions, which come in a wide variety of colors that will fit in with any home decor.


          Why do we love this?
          • Made of A-Grade Solid Teak Wood
          • Beautiful "curve bench styling"
          • Includes optional add on of cushions made of Sunbrella fabric (available in a wide variety of colors)
          • 2 Years Warranty
          • Free shipping
          • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
          • Dimensions: 64"W x 26"D x 32"H, Cushions Seat 2 1/4" thickness

          The Best Material for an Outdoor Garden Bench

          Now that we’ve covered the three top picks for a wooden garden bench, the question is, which solid wood option is best? Pine, cedar, and teak are all gorgeous options for your garden furniture and which is best completely comes down to your own preference. As long as your outdoor wooden bench is sealed to protect against the elements, a natural wooden bench can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

          Whether you’re looking to add a memorial bench to your garden, or are just looking for extra seating to sit and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space, you will not be disappointed with our selection of wooden outdoor benches.

          Looking for an alternative material for an outdoor garden bench? We offer garden furniture in a variety of materials, from recycled plastic to synthetic wood. And if you like the look of a metal garden bench, a sturdy wrought iron bench could be the right choice for you.

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