A Guide to Choosing A Fire Pit Table

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A Guide to Choosing A Fire Pit Table

Entertaining around an open fire is one of the highlights of several evenings spent socializing with guests and loved ones. Traditional gas and wood-burning fire pits have been around for years. However, the rising star in the world of fire pits is a gas fire pit table. They are incredibly stylish and can range from simple and functional to extraordinary.

Gas fire pit tables are today's hottest trend in outdoor furnishings. Outdoor furniture brands continue to provide the market with a healthy variation for their consumers. Its versatility is a good selling point.

While the fire pit's primary goal is to control and contain the fire in one area to ensure the household's safety, it also adds beauty and function to your outdoor living space. This is the result from several months of hard work piecing together furniture items and styling according to function, comfort and beauty.

Incorporating the fire pit into the design of your dining table adds a whole new dimension visually. It steps up the mood in the room and creates a romantic ambiance instantaneously. The gorgeous flickering of the fire also improves lighting tremendously and warmth.


Fire tables consist of 4 basic heights:

  • Dining height: 29" Typically accommodates dining chairs.
  • Counter height: 38" Great for informal get-togethers where guests stand around or sit at bar stools.
  • Occasional height: 19" Lowest height, which pairs with deep seating patio furniture.
  • Chat height: 24" A little taller than Occasional height, ideal for chats around the fire pit table, which may incorporate taller, more formal patio furniture.

Choosing a table size and height is dependent on how you intend to use it. Dinner parties come alive with an elegant patio fire pit table at dining height. Most dining fire pit tables have ample space for dinnerware, with the flames contained by a protective mesh dome, it protects you and your guests from sparks. Other heights such as occasional or chat height create a stunning centerpiece while entertaining at the deep seating sofa during cocktails or coffee.

Fire Media

There is a wide range of fire media to choose from when deciding upon a gas fire table design, ranging from pebbles, glass, ceramic fire pit logs, or lava. The flames are built into the middle of a table, providing warmth and a lovely vibe.


Fire pit tables are available as standard where the fire ring is exposed, or convertible, wherein a cover conceals the fire ring. It allows you to use it as a regular table. They are usually circular or square and made from various materials, including cast-aluminum, marble, slate, and steel. 

Some styles come with a fire pit grill tool, which fits nicely above the fire pit, enabling you to grill food such as kebabs or even smores while remaining seated in your comfortable furniture.

Outdoor gas fire pit tables are more common than wood-burning ones. They are perfect for those living in areas where wood burning is not allowed. Gas fire tables are easy to light, many uses electric ignition. Wood burning models are available to those who desire an authentic fire pit.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Some questions to ask yourself before choosing a design are; How will I use the fire pit? And also, how will I spend time using the fire pit? The latter may include the primary aim of entertaining, and therefore you may wish it is to be the centerpiece of your outdoor living area.

If you want to add the fire pit table as an essential component to your outdoor sanctuary, then take the time to ponder on a crucial consideration. Am I willing to share this space with others? Or am I creating this space for myself? Whatever your reason, a fire pit table can be a welcome addition to your backyard.


Outdoor Area “Style”

The fire pit table design may be influenced by your home interior's style inspired by the outdoor landscape, whether you choose modern, rustic, traditional, or a combination. Choose the flame strength wisely, especially when you want to use it as a serving table. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Measure the space you plan to put your table in and decide whether the area is best suited to a round, square, rectangular, or expanding table.

Here are some great tips!

      There are multiple fire pit ideas available nowadays that can be overwhelming when planning your outdoor living area. Its accompanied seating is also a hot topic with the increasing demand for indoors' high-quality design features to be brought outdoors.

      While outdoor wood burning fire pit tables are the most traditional, propane fire pit tables take the top spot among trendsetters. Its ease of installation and wide variation in the design are the two reasons for its popularity.

      Choose the table's height according to how spacious your outdoor space and its primary purpose. Is it for alfresco dining, intimate or bigger parties, or entertainment, casual or business?

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