How has the Outdoor Living Space Changed Since our Parent’s Days?

How has the Outdoor Living Space Changed Since our Parent’s Days?

The outdoor living space has changed somewhat from our parent's days. We take pride in its functionality and design and are no longer where the kids play. It also operates as a spot for the family to spend quality time together, sharing cherished moments.

Roasting marshmallows, listening to music, and even watching TV while huddled around the fire pit is a fantastic bonding experience. It can also become a retreat when you want to unwind or a quiet workstation.

Way back then 

Back in our parent's time, the outdoor living space is an area for the kids to play when grown-ups are doing tasks that are not child-friendly. You're lucky if you have room to play ball, whether baseball or basketball, while waiting outdoors. Homegrown vegetables were popular, so an area to grow them took up much of the outdoor space.


Fruit trees, herbs, and shrubs were all popular and a sign of the family's wealth but left little space for utilizing the outdoor living space for relaxing, socializing, and eating. Even the washing line was a prominent fixture in the backyard.

Today, creating a lifestyle through outdoor living space has improved considerably. Outdoor areas are now seen as an essential extension to the home. Standard expectations include cooking, entertaining, and relaxing.

At the very least, there is typically a BBQ, often a fire pit, and more and more frequently, we see outdoor kitchens and water features outdoors.

    The Basics

    Once you have decided on the design of your patio, let's look at what you will need to create a fantastic outdoor area:

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