Everything You Need to Know Before Buying A Fire Pit

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying A Fire Pit

Fire has always been crucial to daily life. Archaeological evidence from the Paleolithic period around 200,000 to 400,000 years ago shows that stone fire pits were used for cooking, warmth, and shield from predators and insects. 

Ash buildup of ancient fire pits brought us valuable lessons later on applied in fireplace construction. Other cultures have used simple holes in the ground filled with hot coals and stones for warmth and in-ground cooking.


Fire Pits

Today, fire pits have evolved into the focal point of outdoor living spaces. No longer is a grill enough of a feature for a modern outdoor area. Fire pit is a familiar fixture in our outdoor spaces.

They have become popular that some builders construct them as part of a package for their higher-priced homes. It extends backyard use through fall and winter and brings it alive by adding another layer of texture and interest in your outdoor area.

A fire pit can be incorporated into the design of your dining tables, conversation tables, or can be a freestanding focal point. A fire pit table can be an inexpensive way to create ambiance and warmth outdoors. 

Permanent fire pits and fireplaces are more expensive to build but can create a remarkable centerpiece to any of your outdoor spaces. It's an added value for potential buyers. When considering a fire pit, there could be local fire regulations in some areas. Below is a summary of the options.


Fire Pit Tables

Fire pit tables are arguably the most stylish pits available and can range from functional to stunning. They are the current trend in outdoor furnishings, and there are many style options. A fire pit table is versatile and functions as a table, too.

Fire tables consist of 4 basic heights, dining, counter, occasional, and chat. Choosing the perfect table size and height depends on how you want to use it. Dinner parties come alive with an elegant patio fire pit table at dining height.

The flames have a protective mesh dome so you and your guests can safely dine around the fire. Other heights, such as occasional or chat height, create a stunning centerpiece to a conversation, cocktails or coffee tables.


Standard or Convertible?

The standard fire pit tables feature a fully exposed fire ring, while the convertible design includes a cover, completely concealing the fire ring. It enables you to use it as a table alone. These tables are usually circular or square and can be made from various materials, including cast-aluminum, marble, slate, and steel.

Some styles are sold with a grill tool, which fits nicely above the fire pit and allows you to grill food such as kebabs or even s'mores while seated.


Fuel Sources

Most fire pits use either wood or propane, and each has its benefits. Wood is easier to gather, and it does not require an apparatus. It's low-maintenance and is incredibly durable. Wood burning fire pits also produce an exciting and dramatic flair that is appealing to its audience.

However, wood-burning is a pollutant and presents a potential risk. The surrounding area must be kept clear to ensure that random sparks do not ignite even the smallest items or fire may spread.

A propane fire pit burns cleaner and with fewer risks making it more suitable for the environment. With the knob, it is easier to control the flame's intensity. Once the flame is extinguished, there are also no ashes to worry about. This additional control and safety are only countered by the need to bring in fuel and careful maintenance of the propane fire pit.

There is a wide range of fire media to choose from when deciding on a gas fire table design, ranging from pebbles, glass, ceramic logs, or lava. The flames are built in the middle of a table, providing a lovely glow.


DIY Wood Burning Fire Pits

If you prefer a traditional wood-burning fire pit, you can buy a ready to use model or create your own permanent or portable structure. Should you choose to create your own, below is a list of why we support your idea.

  • Lower cost than a readymade product. Cut costs further by using materials that are leftovers from another project.
  • Provides an opportunity to reuse or recycle old materials. A fire pit can be made from any heat resistant, non-flammable material, such as stone, brick, concrete, iron, or clay.
  • Boosts creativity to crafting a unique and one-of-a-kind fire pit for your home. Blend the design with the home's exterior, a deck, or other exterior features.

You can select one of the attractive DIY fireplace pit kits available from a retailer. You can use your concept for do-it-yourself fire pits.


Wood Burning Fire Pits for Sale

There is a multitude of wood burning fire pits for sale, including tables to freestanding bowls. Design is a personal preference. You may like the modern look or perhaps rustic. These fire pits are the easiest to purchase and set up. Often, there is no set up at all.

All you have to do is buy some wood! A family may prefer a wood-burning bowl that can be situated away from the house for roasting marshmallows. 

While some may like a fire pit located in the entertainment area outdoors for maximum ambiance, remember to check local regulations. Some areas place limitations on any source of heat and pollutants.

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