Garden Benches

Experience handcrafted Garden Benches from the finest of solid woods and synthetic lumber, built by the best outdoor furniture manufacturers for your outdoor spaces. Our quality benches serve as an elegant centerpiece, a versatile seating when hosting outdoor gatherings while thoroughly enjoying life with loved ones. 

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After the last snow has fallen and the ice has finally melted, it’s nice to finally get out and start tending to your garden once again. It can get tiring, so you’ll need a place to sit, take a break, and assess your progress. Consider placing a Garden Bench outdoors for those early mornings where you can enjoy nature and its gifts with a coffee cup. Here are some tips you might want to consider as you shop for the right garden bench.

Style. The style of your Garden Bench should match your garden or landscape. You can choose a bench that blends in with the scenery versus a standout centerpiece in your garden. Materials used to contribute significantly to style. Wood, particularly cedar and teak, is popular due to its insects and rot-resistant, all-weather, and low maintenance properties. Synthetic lumber is also an option for Garden Benches. These are made of durable synthetic lumber sourced from recycled plastic that requires very little maintenance, eco-friendly and all-weather. Semi-round or round benches look great when placed around the trunk of your favorite tree, and it can be used for meditation. Elegant concrete or marble benches look fabulous on a large a curated garden. Vintage-styled garden benches like those that look like church pews or sculptured add an eclectic vibe to your yard.

Comfort. This must be a priority. Most wooden benches can maintain a neutral temperature despite the weather being warm or cold. If you’d like to use your Garden Bench for long periods, consider one with a backrest that reaches up to your shoulders, which will comfortably support your back. Add cushions for a cozier seating experience. When wider armrests can support arms when you are holding book or a glass of water. Some have built-in tables for refreshments. There are two-seater or three-seater benches, so also consider potential users and the amount of space available.

Durability. Most hardwoods like cedar and teak weather to a beautiful silvery gray finish, but it still manages to maintain most of its weatherproof properties. Plastic or resin benches require very little care. If you’d like to extend the life of your wooden garden bench, make sure to cover or store it during winter or rainy days. Wooden garden benches will need more maintenance than plastic benches. Sealing, sanding, and oiling may go a long way to making sure that good quality wooden benches will last for a long time.

Find the best spot for your bench. While most garden bench materials are meant for outdoors, it’s better to take safety precautions and place it where there is minimal exposure to water or moisture. Avoid placing it near sprinklers or cover it if you must. Cover the ground with gravel or stone that won’t collect water. Most importantly, put it in an area where you love spending time the most, this could be an area with a view or just a shaded area with a gentle breeze.