The Picnic Table Buying Guide

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The Picnic Table Buying Guide

Some countries are lucky enough to get warm weather all year round. Then there are the Scandinavian countries where winter lasts for several months. Some countries experience the four seasons yet have shorter summers and long cold season. So when the warmer weather rolls over, there is nothing more special than to spend time outdoors, enjoy the moment, and soak up some sun.

When summers are short and every moment outdoor is exceptional, you can make your open-air area into a venue of fun and excitement, be it your porch, patio, or garden. It includes filling up with furniture pieces that will look great and will withstand different weather elements.

Also, warmer weather means more outdoor parties, and more parties will require you to get more chairs and tables. One particular piece of furniture that is worth the investment is the picnic table. Suppose you like how it reminds you of times spent at the public park. Now you can bring it into your own home for your personal use.

The Buyer’s Criteria for Choosing Picnic Tables

The Type of Material

Typically, plywood is the standard material for picnic tables. It’s cheap and easy to paint over when it gets messy. However, it doesn’t last long when left outside. For patio or porch use, furniture sellers use durable materials that will last longer, look great in your outdoor setup, and feel great when used.

Wooden Picnic Tables - Wood is always a classic and a favorite material for picnic tables. There’s cedar, teak, pine, and eucalyptus. Occasionally walnut and oak are also used but are far more expensive. Hardwoods like cedar and teak can take a beating. Both kinds of wood produce an abundance of natural oils, making it resistant to molds, mildew, moisture, and insects.

Furniture made from these woods is usually passed down from one generation to another, proof of how durable these woods are. Ideally, if you choose wood as your choice of material for a picnic table, be sure to protect it from stains using tablecloths.

Metal Picnic Tables - While wood is timeless, metal picnic tables are more contemporary. Made from iron, steel, or aluminum, they are all durable, and aluminum is even corrosion-resistant. The downside is that these are likely to absorb heat on a warm day. It also has limited designs. One typical design is a perforated tabletop with a matching perforated bench with a metal frame.

Plastic Picnic Tables - If you’re looking for an affordable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain picnic table, you should consider using plastic picnic tables that are either made from recycled plastic or polyethylene. These require zero to little maintenance, and most are foldable and lightweight, making it easy to store during the offseason.

Size and Shape

Picnic tables are usually just linear and rectangular and, at best, can seat up to eight people. However, there are now different styles of picnic tables that can fit different spaces.

Rectangular Tables - These are the usual form of picnic tables that we often see. Rectangular picnic tables can seat four, six, or eight people. It’s best for large parties where families can sit together.

Square Tables - These square-shaped picnic tables are more intimate and are perfect when you want a quiet and formal dinner that allows you to see each other’s faces. 

Circular Table - Circular picnic tables are more fun and practical if your space is limited. Best used when you just want to have fun playing cards or board games with friends. Similarly, there are also octagonal and hexagonal picnic tables.

As much as the shape is important, size is a significant factor as well. Take into consideration your free space size. Measure everything to make sure you get the right picnic table that will fit perfectly into your space.

Added Comfort and Perks

A picnic table may serve a simple function of dining. That’s how it was back then, and now, furniture designers have up with innovative ways to make the experience more fun and comfortable for its users. For protection, there are picnic tables with pre-drilled holes for umbrellas.

Similarly, there are also picnic tables with detachable canopies. Some picnic table designs have a removable plank in the middle to cool your drinks with ice. While the purpose of a party is to forget technology for a while, some users will find it convenient to use a picnic table with power outlets built into it.

However, these are delightful bonuses. Moreover, when buying a picnic table, it is needless to say that it is essential to invest in high-quality ones that will last a lifetime.

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