Porch Swings for Winter

Porch Swings for Winter


Not a fan of the colder months? If you're still enjoying the warm feel of the fading summer sun, you can just grab a nice warm blanket and relax on your porch swing. Another option is to move the swing near a firepit so it'll be warmer while you relax and have a bit of fun by the porch.

Winter won't last forever, and it'll be warm again in no time! So remember to make the most of it by having a serene and tranquil spot you and your family can enjoy for that much-needed quality time.


For some recommendations on what outdoor swing to get as you get ready for the winter, here are some of our favorite porch swings!

The A & L Furniture Marlboro Red Cedar Swing Bed is a larger version of the Amish Marlboro swing. It's roomier qualities make it the ideal place to lounge, relax, and catnap. Impeccably crafted and made from the highest quality of solid Western Red Cedar wood for its sturdy frame, it features an eye-catching backrest silhouette with its pointed arch and curves. Adding a striking rustic character to its overall design, its natural wood graining will elevate the fun atmosphere of your home.

Our Recycled Plastic Poly Winston Porch Swing is another comfy swing and is great for relaxing after a hard day's work. An exquisite and comfortable slatted porch swing made of durable recycled plastic HDPE Poly with invisible stainless steel hardware for joints is a great addition for outdoor furniture collection. Brighten up your porch with the various vibrant color options available.


And lastly, the Royal English Swing is a charming, fun, quality swing that is the ideal place to unwind with a glass of red wine and a book. Take a swing, relax, and spend quality time with your loved ones on the A & L Furniture Royal English Swing. Handcrafted with durable Western Red Cedar wood, this swing features a back with sleek slopes and curves, making it a gorgeous porch choice. 

For more inspiring furniture recommendations, follow us through any of our communication channels and get in touch with us to get personalized assistance and information about any of our charming products. We always love to help!

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