5 Long Benches for Your House - Storage Included

long bench for house

Long benches make a great addition to your house, and they’re even more useful when there is storage included. Not only do long benches give you and your guests an additional place to sit, but they also give you a place to store items that you may not need to use every day, like blankets and pillows.

Today, we’re going to show you five long benches for your house that have storage included.

1. Sauna Bench


Instead of providing internal storage, this sauna bench made by All Things Cedar provides a storage shelf underneath the bench for you to place storage baskets or to store your items in the open.

The bench material is western red cedar and is rot-resistant so that you can place this wooden bench outdoors as well as indoors. This sauna bench makes a great addition to an entryway or foyer indoors. Or, you can place this storage bench by a pool, hot tub, or fire pit outside to give your guests an additional place to sit while also storing various items.

The wood bench measures 39” wide x 15” deep x 18” tall, giving you a more than 3-feet long place to sit. The storage area underneath measures 35” wide by 11 ⅞” deep.

You can add a bench cushion to the top of the bench or leave it uncovered. All Things Cedar includes a 30-day warranty on this storage bench.

2. Amberly Cushion Storage Box


The Amberly Cushion Storage Box by Anderson Teak is one of our favorites. It is a traditional storage bench on legs with a lid that you lift to access a storage space inside. It is a large, durable storage bench made from A-grade teak solid wood that you can use indoors and outdoors.

If using outdoors, you don’t have to worry about the storage bench rotting, molding, or mildewing because it has ventilated sides that will keep the inside of the storage bench ventilated to prevent moisture from becoming trapped inside.

This long bench with storage measures 28” tall x 62” wide x 26” deep. You can place a cushion on top of the bench or leave the top uncovered. Just make sure the cushion you choose is at least 62” wide, as this storage bench is very long.

We love this long storage bench style because you can use it for all types of applications. It is great in a bedroom, in the living room, or outside by the pool. We also love that Anderson Teak includes a 2-year warranty if anything goes wrong with your storage bench.

3. Teak Del-Amo Storage Bench


Another Anderson Teak storage bench on our list is the Teak Del-Amo storage bench option. It is slightly smaller and includes cushions, making it the perfect storage bench for indoor or outdoor use. Anderson Teak uses the same ventilated side design to keep the contents inside the storage bench from mildewing, molding, or rotting.

The storage bench measures 48” wide x 36” tall x 26” deep and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. The arms and high back of the bench make it a great place for additional seating for your guests both indoors and outdoors. You can dress the storage bench up or down to match any room in your house.

This storage bench includes a cushion, or you can choose no cushion to leave the top of the bench uncovered. The included cushion is Sunbrella fabric which is water repellent to prevent mildewing and fading.

4. Poly Traditional English Storage Bench


One of the best features of this Poly Traditional English Storage Bench made by A & L Furniture is it uses recycled plastic, which comes in a variety of colors. There is no staining or maintenance required with a recycled plastic storage bench. You can use the bench for indoor or outdoor use. 

You can choose from 14 different colors, including a natural wood color. You can also choose from many sizes so you get the exact size of the storage bench that you need it to be.

  • 2-Feet: 250-pound weight capacity, 1 person capacity
  • 3-Feet: 350-pound weight capacity, 1 person capacity
  • 4-Feet: 450-pound weight capacity, 2 people capacity
  • 5-Feet: 550-pound weight capacity, 2 people capacity
  • 6-Feet: 700-pound weight capacity, 3 people capacity
  • 8-Feet: 700-pound weight capacity, 4 people capacity

The inside dimensions of the storage bench are 53" wide x 22" deep x 20" tall.

A & L Furniture includes a 20-year warranty with this Poly Traditional English Storage Bench.

5. Deluxe Sauna Bench


The Deluxe Sauna Bench by All Things Cedar is a larger version of the standard Sauna Bench on our list.

The Deluxe Sauna Bench measures 44” wide x 16” deep x 19” tall. The lower storage shelf measures 40” wide x 14 ⅜” deep.

It has all of the same features as the standard sauna bench. It is made of western red cedar and is rot-resistant, so you can use this bench for either indoor or outdoor use.

If you’re adding a cushion to this bench, choose a cushion that is 44” wide. The seat on the Deluxe Sauna Bench is 4 inches wider than the standard sauna bench.

Like the standard sauna bench, All Things Cedar includes a 30-day warranty with this storage bench.

Bench Cushions


We wanted to include a section for bench cushions since not every option on our list includes a cushion.

These bench cushions made by A & L Furniture are 53” wide, 22” deep, and 4” thick. They are for the Poly Traditional English Storage Bench on our list, but you can use them for any storage bench that measures 53” wide and 22” deep.

There are 20 different colors and patterns to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one to match the room where you’re placing this storage bench.

The cushion has a 100% polyurethane foam insert with a cover made of acrylic outdoor fabric treated with mildew-resistant stain. A & L includes a 5-year warranty on this bench cushion.

Where to Put Long Benches with Storage in Your House

A long bench with storage gives you decoration and functionality but only if you put it in the right location in your house. If you’re unsure where to put a long bench with storage in your house, take a look at this guide that will help you pick the right location.

Entryway or Foyer

Our favorite location for long storage benches is at the entryway or foyer of a house. Not only does it provide additional decoration and character to an area that doesn’t get much attention, but it also serves a purpose. A long entryway bench with storage gives you and your guests an area to sit and take off or put on your shoes while coming and going into the house. Plus, an entryway bench gives you a place to sit your bag or backpack when coming in from a long day at school or work.

Living Room

Our next location choice for storage bench location is in the living room. Maybe you have an accent wall with gorgeous wall lights and wall decor that's missing something or a space between two windows that need a little extra help. Placing a long storage bench in either of these locations will help spruce up this location while also giving you a place for guests to sit. Plus, it gives you additional storage in your living room for various things like blankets, pillows, or toys, or even a coffee table. You can also use it the same way as a bedroom bench in the same way.


We like adding long benches with storage to a patio or backyard because it provides extra seating and gives you a location to store various outdoor items. If you have a pool or a hot tub, you can store your pool supplies and equipment within the long storage bench. If you have a fire pit, you can store your fire starters, skewers, and lighters inside the storage bench. You can also place seat cushions and pillows inside the storage bench to keep them dry if it rains.


Long benches are great for your home, but long benches with storage are even better. We recommend always finding household furniture that serves more than one purpose the way long benches with storage do. Not only does the long wooden bench provide extra seating for guests, but with a built-in storage area, you have a place to store items to keep them from being seen, taking up space, and distracting from your decor.

We guarantee that one of these 5 long benches for your house will provide everything that you need a long solid wood bench with storage to provide.

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