Bestsellers on Spotlight: A Hollywood Date with the Yellow Pine Traditional Backed Bench

Bestsellers on Spotlight: A Hollywood Date with the Yellow Pine Traditional Backed Bench

A fast-paced thriller filmed solely to keep your heart pounding every few minutes. It is amazing to see an actor of Matt Damon's caliber transform into a character who wants to disappear, blend in with the rest of the fading old furniture and be ignored. Refreshing storytelling of a spy plot derived from a bestselling novel, updated for relevance, with never a dull moment formula.

The Bourne Identity, 2002

"I've lost them... my papers... they are lost." - Jason Bourne

This is one of the memorable scenes, Jason Bourne, being introduced along with his special skills, fighting, and linguistics. He showcases his combat capabilities when he takes down two armed police officers.

He’s been sleeping on a bench in a snow-covered park for some time, but despite his pressing disadvantage of being cold and exhausted Bourne defeats both officers in a snap.

Matt Damon’s portrayal of an amnesiac assassin, Jason Bourne turned out to be a profitable venture for Universal Pictures which grossed $214M. This is the first installment of the five, based on the bestselling Bourne series novel by Robert Ludlum.

This film revolutionized the action formula for the next generation of spy films. Fight scenes were scaled down to survival blending realism and stylized choreography.

Yellow Pine Traditional Backed Bench

Recreate this unforgettable opening scene with our knot-free Yellow Pine Traditional Backed Bench handcrafted from southern yellow pine.

It has a strong frame with slatted back and seat and sturdy legs. Its natural look has a hint of green along its grain which mimics that of the benches seen at the park scene in the movie. Like, Jason Bourne, find solace on this bench. Curl up and take a nap for a few minutes.

This bench will look amazing in your garden along with the customized landscaping you've always dreamt of. It'll also serve as a piece of multi-purpose furniture that you will need in the garden while entertaining and doing your chores.


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