A Child Friendly Picnic: Make it Exciting and Fun

A Child Friendly Picnic: Make it Exciting and Fun

Parents are scrambling with what types of activities to organize for the kids since they are home and have been for several weeks now. At the beginning of the quarantine, parents were running a friendly competition as to whose kid was receiving the best education at home by providing their assistance through various educational activities. 

A few weeks later, they are trading state secrets. It is indeed challenging to keep the kids interested, focused, and to keep their attention.  

Backyard Picnic with the Little Ones

For now, running picnics at home is a great option to keep them busy. It can even be twice a week concept to get them excited. Besides, the sun's glowing outdoors. It is a great excuse to run a picnic with spring blooms. Just ensure you are going to observe extra precautions to keep them safe while in the backyard for the picnic.

Once you've have become an expert on executing this task, you'll realize that it's the easiest to do. Time may not be your friend during regular working days but since this quarantine has presented a unique opportunity for more family gatherings.

Keep it Simple and Involve the Kids

Make the preparation the most fun in the process. Involve the kids in choosing the menu, so that once they see the food on they can remember once it's settled. They can help out in chopping vegetables and prepare the fruit and cream. They can also get the trail mix that is scouting the pantry with anything sweet, mix, and put inside a container.

The older ones can start making a sandwich. You can help them set up an assembly line and then, they can assemble the sandwich. Then wrap them up to ensure it's protected. If there's one more extra pair of hands, the next one can chop vegetables.

Time to Enjoy the Picnic 

Put everything in a picnic basket along with all the other essentials, and start setting up the backyard. Assemble the feast on a picnic table custom made for kids. Ensure you have everything they need to set up the meal, eat, and have a little more fun afterward.

Celebrate the great outdoors and relax with the kids in the sunshine. Games are a great addition to any picnic because they encourage physical activity and keep them engaged and entertained. Depending on the number of kids present, customize it according to the number of players needed.

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