Bestsellers on Spotlight: The Celebrated Backless Bench

Bestsellers on Spotlight: The Celebrated Backless Bench

The term bench most often refers to backless and elongated wooden seating. It may be freestanding and movable. Also, the term “bench” has earned the additional meaning of a work surface, such as a cabinetmaker’s workbench.

In New York, Central Park has about 9,485 Moses benches installed from 1938 to 1939 in time for New York World’s Fair, 4,223 of these benches have unique stories with custom plaques. You can adopt a bench for $10,000 and be its eternal owner plus get to write a personalized dedication. Proceeds go to the park’s maintenance.

“Tony, Win, lose or break even, you always have me. Love, Karen” A surprise gift for her husband's, Tony May, 65th birthday. Tony is a retired investment banker from Wall Street. The inscription is a tribute to a friendly banter with his children when they were young. Whenever he comes home from work, they would ask, "Hey Poppy, did you win, lose or break even?" He goes, breakeven. Because that's what usually life is about, breaking even.

A bench, simple and unassuming piece of furniture becomes special with unique stories attached to it. Assemble, set up and style it with a story in mind. Make its presence in your home more meaningful. Add a dedication, or a name to memorialize however, you want to go about it is entirely up to you. Celebrate what it stands for and about, then share its legacy.

The Charming Bench Company proudly presents to you the celebrated Backless Bench in the spotlight for our bestseller series. We hope to hear your bench stories, too.

Classic Vineyard Backless Bench

This fabulous park bench packs the right amount of elegance in its design. Featuring a slatted faux lumber HDPE resin, highlighted by its graciously contoured seat that is relaxing. With a wide range of colors to choose from, this backless porch bench will add a chic and rustic flair to your open-air sanctuary. 

Heritage Patio Backless Bench 

A versatile heritage entryway benches that will look great on your patio. It is entirely made of faux lumber from recycled plastic, that’s durable and maintenance-free. You are assured of enduring furniture that will be in your collection for a long time.

Glacier Country Half Log Plank Bench  

This foot half log bench is finished with a premium-grade exterior stain and is great for outdoor use. Handcrafted using an entire log sawn lengthwise, the artisans' design each bench skillfully, and strictly adhere to exceptional standards in producing quality benches.


Half Log Plank Bench     

An heirloom piece of furniture, signed by the artisan who meticulously and skillfully built it. It is half a foot log bench that is perfect for outdoor use. Handcrafted using an entire log sawn lengthwise made of lodgepole pine wood which has been skin peeled by hand using old fashioned draw knives.

Glacier Country Log Plank Style Bench  
A fascinating wooden bench with its distinct organic aesthetic that will enhance the rustic charisma of your home. Handcrafted using the finest U.S. grown Lodgepole Pinewood, which features a sturdy frame and strong legs. It has a smooth laminated top supported by log rails.

5-Sided Backless Tree Bench 

 A stunning 5-sided Tree Bench is the ideal addition for any yard or garden. It provides casual seating for your landscaping around small trees or a medium-sized tree. as a subtle focal point in your garden.

Casablanca 2-Seater Backless Bench

This Casablanca backless bench is perfect when paired with a rectangular dining table or propped against an accent wall to accentuate your entryway. Expertly crafted from premium teak with mortise and tenon joinery, it is the perfect backless bench for the patio or yard.



There’s something genuinely endearing to a bench. It automatically adds warmth to your garden. It’s an open invitation to sit, spend some time chatting, smell the flowers, and just enjoy the view. Whether alone or with a company, a bench will listen, laugh and comfort you through the many seasons of life.

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